Danish Modern Tables

An Exciting Selection Of Danish Modern Table Designs

International Design Center works with manufacturers around the world to bring our customers a leading selection of Danish modern table designs. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes, including round, rectangular, oval, and square dining room tables, end tables, and coffee tables. Browsing through our selection, you will also find some unique shapes that are perfect in contemporary homes, adding that extra touch of uniqueness to any space.

Colors to Choose

From dark to light, we provide you with the best selection of colors and finish options. Popular colors include walnut, teak, cherry wood, and wenge wood, which is a very dark brown to almost black color.

When choosing a Danish modern dining table, coffee table, or end table, consider the size of the room and the d├ęcor colors. Typically, darker colors are better suited to larger rooms, while lighter colors are an ideal match in any space. Of course, with the various sizes and shapes in Danish modern table designs, we have the right combination for any space.

Dining Tables, Danish Modern Coffee, and End Tables

There are many new and revolutionary features offered with several of our Danish modern dining room table models. These include different design styles to expand seating by adding extensions that are cleverly contained with the design. Taking the time to consider what you are looking for in a dining room table ensures you get the right match.

From beautifully crafted coffee tables that adjust the height at the push of a button and modern Danish end tables that add to your storage space, we offer the best selection in the area.