Ekornes Stressless Emily Power Reclining Sofa

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Obtain Stress-Free Relaxation with the Stressless Emily Sofa

Ekornes Stressless is proud of its dedicated craftsmanship and familial roots, having spent decades perfecting the art of comfortable, functional Norwegian Furniture. The Ekornes Stressless Emily Power Reclining Sofa is one of the many products of generations of hard work, combining comfort with functionality to allow you to find your ideal position. As specialists in Scandinavian and European furniture, International Design Center is especially proud to carry this piece at affordable rates as it has quickly become a top seller.

Sleek lines with a modern look give Stressless Emily an embracing appearance. The contemporary design of the soft enveloping cushions invites you to sit down and relax. All seat modules come with an adjustable headrest. Either with fixed seat-back or fitted with motors for personal adjustment of back and leg support. Choose between either steel or wood details on the armrest. The recliners Stressless Tokyo and Stressless View both couple up nicely with the Stressless Emily sofa.

What We Stock: 

  • 3 All Reclining Seats; Black Matte Metal Legs; Black Paloma Leather
  • 3 All Reclining Seats; Black Matte Metal Legs; Silver Grey Paloma Leather


Add even more luxury with Stressless® Power - our innovative and motorized comfort function. Find your ideal position in total comfort with a simple touch of the neatly concealed buttons.


Paloma is a slightly corrected soft leather with a combination of dyes and pigments that smoothes some of the leather’s structure (grain pattern).

Specifications: Width: 981/4 inch Depth: 431/4 inch Height: 341/2 inch Seat height: 171/2 inch Seat depth: 223/4 inch

Feel the Difference a Great Sofa Can Make

Made from striking matte steel or wood legs and various Paloma Leathers, the Stressless Emily Sofa is a great choice for anyone seeking modern luxury for their living room. Adjustable headrests allow you to obtain perfect comfort, and our options of wood or steel armrest details allow you to choose a style that appeals to you. You can also choose to fit this piece with motors to further adjust your seating, or simply have a fixed seat-back. Either way, the sofa’s soft enveloping cushions, multifaceted springs, and layered foam will ensure unparalleled comfort. You will look forward to returning home to this piece day after day.

Take Relaxation Seriously with this Outstanding Sofa

A lot of thought and care goes into pieces like the Stressless Emily Sofa, and International Design Center is proud to carry this piece and other pieces from Ekornes Stressless. Ready to experience the ultimate name in comfort? Just place your order online or visit our showroom in Edina, Minnesota.

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Power Emily

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