Ekornes Stressless Stella Reclining Loveseat with 2 Headrests

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Lean back, relax your shoulders and notice how your whole body lets go. Whether reading the paper, entertaining friends or just closing your eyes and taking some well-deserved time out, a good sofa will make your appreciate this valuable time even more. Meet “the two sisters” , Stressless Stella and Stressless Bella, the BalanceAdapt modular sofas with locking function.

Stressless Stella is available in all Stressless leathers. Choose between two types of armrests..


Width: 723/4 inch  Depth:361/2 inch  Height:381/2 inch 

Seat height:171/4 inch  Seat depth:211/2 inch


  • BalanceAdapt

    Subtle rocking motion increases the comfort – it’s all about finding the right balance. With BalanceAdapt, the sitting angle automatically adjusts to your body’s tiniest movement.

Material & Color:

  • Paloma is a slightly corrected leather with a combination of dyes and pigments that smoothes some of the leather’s structure (grain pattern). However, the grain structure of Paloma may vary slightly at some parts of the furniture, and minor colour nuances may also occur. Natural marks, scars and insect bites remain and will appear in Paloma. A thin coat of lacquer gives Paloma some protection and simplifies cleaning, but Paloma does not have the same heavy-duty quality and protection as Batick and Cori. Due to its soft, natural and comfortable expression, Paloma is a very popular choice.

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