HTL RS-11233 Power Reclining Sectional

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The HTL 11233 Sectional Recliner features a reclining chair on one side and a chaise on the other. This style is perfect for today's discerning consumers in pursuit of a smart lifestyle. Combining the best of contemporary design style and premium quality materials, this sofa has sophisticated charm. This style is crafted with great care to showcase exquisite tailoring, delightful details and great comfort.  Separate foot and back rest buttons are within arms reach around the outside of the sofa and an added usb outlet to charge your electronics is within.

We Stock in an RAF Chaise with Ocean Blue Leather and Metal Legs.

Specifications: 103" L x 66" W x 30-40" H

HTL International is a high end upholstery furniture manufacture that focuses on current luxurious trends and top level comfort. They have been in business since 1976 and are committed to environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.

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