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Ekornes Jazz


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It's time for Stressless Jazz! With it's elegant lines, smooth surfaces and stainless steel curves, the award-winning Stressless Jazz recliner truly lives up to its name. When you sit down and relax in the Jazz you immediately sense the renowned Stressless comfort. It's the fusion of function and comfort that really strikes the right note. Simply stylish, simply Jazz! The Stressless Jazz is designed to complement other Stressless furniture and sofas. That way you don't need to worry about finding a matching chair or sofa, and you certainly don't need to compromise when you decorate your home. Just find the furniture that suits you and match it with a complementing design.

Stressless Jazz (M) Recliner With Ottoman

Specifications: Width: 33 , Height: 39/43 , Depth: 291/2 , Seat Height : 153/4 / 171/4 / 19

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