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Ekornes Liberty Loveseat


The Stressless Liberty loveseat is built with perforated foam molded carefully around the frame to provide high quality construction and magnificent comfort. The new Comfort-Zones™ technology enhances personal comfort with indentations that allow your body to sink deeply into the seat. An additional pad of super-soft polyester fiber cushions your body, while maintaining a clean and attractive appearance.
  • The Plus™ system adjusts the lumbar support along with the headrest to give you perfect support in any position
  • The Stressless® Glide wheels simply uses your body weight to allow you to adjust to your most comfortable position.
  • Comfort Zones™ give you the best seating comfort in any position
  • 10-year warranty on the internal mechanism
    Assembled in the U.S.
    This item is currently assembled in the U.S. and is available for customized Fast Track shipping in all leather, fabric, wood, and leg combinations.

    Stressless Liberty High Back 2-Seater 


    Specifications: Width: 70 , Height: 41/45 , Depth: 343/4 , Seat Height : 173/4

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