Ekornes Stressless Metro Office Chair

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Stressless Metro – retro inspired design for all occasions
Stressless Metro is the latest in elegant recliners from Ekornes. A sharp contour, chrome details and high grade leather makes the Stressless Metro a bold, self-assured design statement. This recliner isn’t just about looks, of course: it has all the patents and advantages you’ve come to expect from a Stressless. The rotating Star base gives you even more movability, and the adjustable pillow provides optimal neck support. The Stressless Metro comes in two different heights and back lengths, for different uses and tastes.

Stressless Metro Home Office gives you the chance to bring a full bodied Stressless experience into the workplace. A new rolling, rotating base makes it an office chair like no other. The Home Office version also gives you the choice between a high and a low back model.

We Currently Stock The Low Back


Low Back:  Width: 311/2 inch Depth: 27 inch Height: 38 inch Height max: 403/4 inch Seat height: 163/4 inch Seat height max: 191/2 inch Seat depth: 18 inch

High Back:  Width: 311/2 in Depth: 271/2 in Height: 48 in Height max: 503/4 inch Seat height: 163/4 inch Seat height max: 191/2 inch Seat depth: 181/2 inch

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