Natuzzi B995 Meraviglia Sleeper Sofa

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Meraviglia stands at the very top of Natuzzi’s research on movement.

It’s a sofa that’s got it all under control: the headrests are adjustable manually, and the seating and backrest can be adjusted through a very advanced soft-touch Motion technology. (We currently Stock Our 3 Seat Without Motion)

And, of course, it’s a stylish piece of furniture designed with Italian taste.

Specifications: 82" L x 41" W x 39" H (530)

We Currently Stock In A Dark Grey 70007703 Fabric.  Doesn't Reflect Pictured Image.

# - Sofa ; 3 Seat ; Natuzzi Editions ; Lay Down ; Couch ; Seating ; Living Room ; Cozy ; Comfort ; Comfortable 

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