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Ekornes Sky


The Stressless Sky is slim and retro-modern. It has a overly inviting look to it with a heavenly-like feel. The tight yet elegant seat back that is combined with the enveloping seat back and cushions give the Stressless Sky a retro inspired look. The insert in the headrest is easy to maneuver and adjust which provides the finishing touch of comfort.

Width Height Depth
Stressless Sky (M) Signature chair 321/4 inches 43 inches 32 inches 161/2 inches
Stressless Sky (S) Signature chair 303/4 inches 421/2 inches 303/4 inches 161/2 inches
Stressless Sky (L) Signature chair 353/4 inches 431/4 inches 331/2 inches 18 inches

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