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Scandinavian design incorporates the ideal combination of aesthetic appeal with functionality and is known for its clean lines and minimalistic design. At International Design Center, we serve as one of the top Scandinavian stores in Minnesota, offering a wide-ranging collection of high-end Scandinavian furniture pieces that can take your interior décor to new levels.

As the best Scandinavian-inspired furniture store, we offer furniture pieces that encompass the character of Scandinavian design, with an emphasis on efficient, space-saving designs, subdued colors, and natural materials, all of which help produce an inviting and appealing living space.

Scandinavian Styled Furniture

Frequently chosen Scandinavian design furniture pieces include streamlined armchairs and sofas that often feature upholstery and natural, light fabrics. Dining chairs and tables featuring clean lines and manufactured from materials such as metal or light would. In addition, this style of furniture includes storage pieces such as cabinets and shelving units designed for visual appeal and practicality, and often including closed and open compartments for efficient organization.

Timeless Elegance and Functionality

With our carefully chosen selection of Scandinavian style furniture, we offer pieces that provide sophisticated functionality and discrete elegance. Our collection of pieces reflects the soothing hues seen in nature along with innovative craftsmanship and contemporary style.

As an experienced leader among Scandinavian stores in Minnesota, the Scandinavian furniture pieces we offer are applicable for various interior design themes. From plush sofas to stylish dining tables, to versatile storage solutions, our selection helps elevate any living space with a combination of practical design and enduring appeal.

Exceptional Quality and Craftsmanship

At International Design Center, we focus heavily on innovation and quality, ensuring each piece conforms to the highest standards of manufacturing and durability. Our dedication to providing the best in Scandinavian-styled furniture is seen in the superior quality of our products along with the exquisite details they feature.

Your Source for Transformative Scandinavian Design

Peruse our extensive selection of high-end Scandinavian furniture and enter the world of functional design and appealing sophistication. Regardless of whether you are looking to add some features of elegance to your existing décor or upgrade your current contemporary design, the Scandinavian-inspired furniture we offer is designed to help you create stylish and inviting living spaces.

For more information about our superb selection of functional and beautiful Scandinavian furniture, give us a call today at 612-341-3441, email us at, or visit our physical showroom in person.

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