Mirrors in the home are so important. They provide numerous benefits that include opening up a room, providing a convenient space for grooming, maximize lighting in a room, and much more. At International Design Center in South Edina, Minnesota, we offer an array of modern style mirrors that are ideal for various areas of the home, including the bathroom, bedroom, and other living areas.

Mirrors in the Home

The ideal location for a statement mirror is in the bathroom. The right mirror can bring life and character and luxury to a bathroom and also serve the practice purpose of helping you get ready. A Scandinavian mirror design is one example that can work well in the bathroom.

Bedrooms and living rooms also benefit from the addition of mirrors. They maximize the spread of natural light, enhance the elegance of the room, and create the illusion of a larger space. With a carefully selected mirror/furniture design combination, you can go a long way to achieving your interior design goals.

Our Selection of Mirrors

The collection of mirrors we offer includes those manufactured by top furniture brands, such as ALF Italia, BDI Furniture, Natuzzi, and Sun Cabinet. Our selection includes mirrors of various styles, shapes, and sizes to complement your space.

Whether you are looking for a Scandinavian design wall mirror, Scandinavian floor mirror, Scandinavian round mirror, BDI mirrors, Natuzzi mirrors, Sun Cabinet mirrors, or ALF Italia mirrors, we have you covered.

Browse Our Selection of MN Mirrors

To learn more about the various mirrors we offer in South Edina, Minnesota, call us today at 612.341.3441 or email showroom@idcmn.com.