Stools & Benches

Contemporary Stools & Benches

Oftentimes, you can never have enough seating during a get-together with family or friends. Benches and stools are ideal pieces to have available in order to quickly increase seating capacity within a home. These furniture pieces are also ideal when placed at strategic locations in the home, such as in a foyer or hallway as a place to take off and put-on shoes. Modern furniture stools and benches may also be used as places to sit down temporarily after exercising. At International Design Center, we offer an attractive selection of living room and dining room bench seat and stool options.

Modern Furniture Stools and Benches Go Anywhere

You can place a stool or bench wherever you need it in the home, such as a wood dining bench or stool, and since these pieces are not as heavy as larger chairs and couches, they are more easily moved around the home to meet seating needs. You might consider placing a stool in a bathroom or the kitchen for extra seating. Stools or benches may serve for added seating around a dining room table or in a den or family room when company is over.

Our Selection of Benches and Stools

Whether you need a wooden bench stool, long dining bench, modern dining bench, or other types of living room or dining room bench or stool, we have you covered. Our selection includes a Sun Cabinet Bench, long modern dining bench, Sun Cabinet Stool, and other stools.

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