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International Design Center (IDC) has been the standard of timeless elegance and contemporary design in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. Providing exceptional Scandinavian and European home furnishings, we are dedicated to applying our themes to match our customers’ unique styles.

Our curated collection of items put us at the forefront of Minnesota furniture stores. We emphasize functionality and exquisite craftsmanship, ensuring that our customers enjoy quality materials at affordable prices. Learn more about our history of dedication to contemporary designs and customer satisfaction.

Our History: Follow IDC’s Journey Through the Decades

IDC has a rich history spanning over five decades. Over the years, we have kept evolving to meet our customers’ changing needs and design preferences. We believe that adjusting to our customers helps us keep up with the times, which is what established us in the local industry. Here’s a closer look at our history.

1965: Where It All Began

We first opened a small store in what used to be known as the Sheraton-Ritz Hotel on Marquette Avenue in downtown Minneapolis. IDC began as an importing retailer of Scandinavian home furnishings, which we have maintained to this day.

The Mid-1970s: Expansion and Relocation

Demand for our unique offerings grew in just a few years, requiring us to accommodate more enthusiasm for the designs we carried. IDC moved to a bigger store at 100 2nd Avenue North in the Minneapolis warehouse district, allowing us to serve our expanding customer base better.

2000: New Ownership and Contemporary Setting

IDC was under new ownership, prompting us to move to a new location in the suburbs. We remodeled two levels of a contemporary building in Richfield, situated near the Mall of America. These new floors allowed us to showcase our extensive collection of contemporary furniture and accessories.

Around 2010: Serving Bloomington

Demand for our supplies kept increasing. To keep up, IDC established two showrooms in Bloomington, Minnesota, conveniently located at 4920 West 78th St. and 4950 West 78th St. This expansion let us serve customers with an enhanced shopping experience that made our services even more accessible than before.

2012: Settling in Edina

In September 2012, we relocated for the last time to Edina, Minnesota. Our current location is at 7035 Washington Ave. South is a testament to our commitment to creating an inviting and inspiring environment for our customers who share our passion for unique designs. It is our largest showroom with over 50,000 square feet of furniture on display!

Our Commitment to Accessibility: Best Quality Furniture at Affordable Prices

For over 50 years, IDC has been ensuring that buyers have access to contemporary designs from Scandinavia and Europe that match their visions for their dream homes or offices. Our talented staff is always ready to help where they can, offering a no-pressure sales atmosphere.

Further, our buyers regularly attend furniture fairs in various locations to get even more access to our functional and beautiful designs. Find one near you in these locations:

  • Milan, Italy
  • Cologne, Germany
  • High Point, North Carolina
  • Las Vegas, Nevada

Design Services: Transform Your Space into a Visionary Haven

At IDC, our team of design consultants is fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise to bring your vision to reality. Our passion for helping clients create a space that reflects their unique style is what drives us to do our best in every design project.

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Personalized Design Guidance and Assistance

Our experts can optimize your space’s layout, whether you need design assistance for a residential or commercial space. We ensure functionality without compromising aesthetic appeal.

In-Home Design Service

When you choose our In-Home Design service, start by consulting one of our experienced Design Consultants. We take the time to listen to you describe your unique vision for your space.

By allowing our talented designers into your home, we can create and coordinate a beautiful room that reflects your style and preferences. During the consultation, we’ll discuss your design goals and get a clear understanding of your desired style and functionality for the room.

Our In-Home Design service includes a convenient one-hour home visit, priced at $89 plus tax, which can also be used as a credit toward your purchase. Additionally, we measure your space accurately to ensure precise planning.

In-Store Design Service

Experience the utmost in personal attention and style guidance with our In-Store Design service. Simply schedule an appointment with one of our talented Design Consultants at the International Design Center’s showroom.

Immerse yourself in our beautiful showroom, where you can see the furniture firsthand and feel how it perfectly conforms to your body. During your In-Store Design appointment, we will take the time to understand your unique vision and design goals for your space.

However, we must request you bring a few essential items to your appointment. These include photos of your space, wall-to-wall measurements, the sizes of windows and doorways, as well as photos and measurements of any existing items that will remain in the space.

Our Services Reach Multiple Locations in the Greater Twin Cities Area

At IDC, we proudly serve customers throughout the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area, including the following locations: 

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Experience the elegance of contemporary design and let International Design Center assist you in transforming your home or office. Our team is dedicated to helping you create a space that reflects your unique style and vision. Visit our showroom or schedule a design consultation today.