Timeless Scandinavian Chairs with Stylish Designs

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Scandinavian furniture is known around the world for its beauty and its simplicity. It possesses a very unique style and ambience that is instantly recognized when seen. Because so many interior designers have embraced this furniture style, there are many possibilities from which to choose when furnishing a living space. At International Design Center, combine modern design concepts with innovative designs when it comes to the selection of furniture options we offer. At our showroom in Minneapolis, MN, you will encounter one of the largest selections of furniture in the state. Among our selection includes Scandinavian design furniture, including stylish Scandinavian design chairs that are ideal for enhancing interior décor.

Your Premier Source for Stylish Scandinavian Chairs

For over five decades, we have been a leader in the Twin Cities area when it comes to contemporary and Scandinavian furniture, offering an extensive range of furniture collections for the bedroom, dining room, other living spaces, and the office. The fresh and cutting-edge designs we offer in our Scandinavian chair furniture collection is the result of our commitment to expanding our product selection.

The Scandinavian product line is the product of exceptional quality design, manufacturing, and distribution. We offer a wide-ranging selection of Scandinavian style chairs in numerous styles, colors, and shapes at competitive prices that reflect the premier quality mentioned above.

These chairs are recognized for the minimal design features they possess which enhance their style and function at the same time. They are ideal for homes that are inspired by modern, contemporary, or European design.

Benefits of Scandinavian Style Chairs


With Scandinavian Stressless chairs, comfort is one of the greatest benefits afforded. These chairs are designed to address the relaxations zones of users. Armchairs made after the Scandinavian design are not only exceptionally soft but also offer good ergonomics. Various fabrics are also offered with different types of Scandinavian comfort chairs. These chairs are also manufactured in colors that range from monochromatic to bright tones, including some with various shades of brown that reflect colors in nature. These colors provide a comfortable ambience in addition to the physical comfort afforded from the chairs’ materials and construction.

Neutral Look

Scandinavian style is largely known for exhibiting a neutral palette of colors. These colors make it easy to outfit any room in your home. The style of this furniture in terms of color and geometrical shape is light, simple, and easy on the eye.

Modern and Clean

Scandinavian style chairs are modern and simple in their visual appeal. The practical, simple, modern, yet stylish décor they offer makes them easy to maintain. They are the ideal furniture additions to help you keep an environment uncluttered, calm, and relaxed for both family members and visitors. Scandinavian chairs are designed and manufactured with a focus on the details and not on splendor. These details include the materials, form, connectors, and stitching used to manufacture these chairs.

Spacious Ambience

Another distinct feature of Scandinavian furniture are its clean, beautiful lines. With this, just a few well-chosen pieces of this furniture, you can make a small living room look larger, and avoid cluttering or overcrowding the space. When combined with the neutral colors of Scandinavian design chairs, you can increase the lightness and brightness in your home.


Since Scandinavian style is practical in nature and not extravagant, it is also cost effective for interior design. The originators of this style of furniture design wanted create quality pieces that are applicable to individuals and families in various walks of life, not just the wealthy. Because of this, there is a wide array of options available to the average apartment dweller or homeowner at various price points. You can truly get Scandinavian furniture that is modern and stylish at a reasonable price.

Our Selection of Scandinavian Style Chairs

Whether you need an occasional chair, dining chair, armchair, loveseat, or sofa, our selection of Scandinavian style chairs is plentiful. These chairs come in various colors and shades that are ideal for matching a multitude of interior decors. They also come in various sizes, depending on the model to accommodate various sitting needs. Many of these chairs include comfortable cushioned seats that are designed to properly support the body and enhance seating enjoyment. Our selection of stylish Scandinavian chairs can help you furnish multiple rooms in your home with the complementary, matching décor you need.

Features of Our Modern Scandinavian Chairs

The Scandinavian furniture category includes a variety of chair types and styles. The types of chairs can range from very simplistic to quite sophisticated when it comes to design characteristics and features. These chairs are typically made with a wood or metal base and upholstery or leather back, seat, and arms.

The popularity of Scandinavian style chairs is their enduring visual appeal and beauty. The various design incorporating the Scandinavian genre include classic and modern and will certainly continue to remain in style. The sleep appearance and clean lines of these chair make them a great option for various living spaces within a home.

Shop for Scandinavian Design Chairs

At International Design Center, we make the process of getting the Scandinavian chairs you want easy. Our supply of chairs from top manufacturers ensure you have access to the best contemporary furniture options at affordable prices for your interior décor needs.

We offer an extensive selection of Scandinavian comfort chairs along with other furniture pieces that give you the options you need to fulfill your interior design vision. If you are searching for a piece or color you are not able to find, contact our team to see if a special order is available.

Contact or Visit Our Design Center for Scandinavian Chairs

As your premier source in the Twin Cities area for Scandinavian furniture, including Scandinavian style chairs, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality customer service to ensure you are satisfied with your shopping and purchase experience. For more information about our Scandinavian chair options, give us a call today at 612.341.3441, or reach us by email at showroom@idcmn.com.

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