What are the Key Elements of Scandinavian Style Interiors?

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Scandinavian interior design has gained extensive popularity over time with its combination of functional simplicity and enduring elegance. Founded in the cultural heritage of the Nordic region, this design style blends practicality of purpose with visually appealing aesthetics. Among Scandinavian stores in Minnesota, International Design Center stands out as the premier supplier of numerous furniture pieces that feature this prevalent design style.

Let’s look at the various elements that comprise and define the appeal of Scandinavian style interiors.

Natural Light and Neutral Colors

Interiors that comprise Scandinavian design often consist of neutral, light-colored palettes that produce airy, bright spaces. This often includes various shades of whites, grays, and muted cues that give spaces a sense of openness and welcomeness.

Clean Lines and Minimalism

At the core of Scandinavian design is simplicity. Minimalism and clean lines portray this design aesthetic, creating an environment that feels free from clutter. This simplicity is reflected in furniture that is streamlined yet functional, with each piece serving a specific purpose without the addition of unnecessary or excessive design embellishments.

Natural Materials

Interiors that feature Scandinavian or Danish design often consist of a combination of various natural materials. Wood is prominent in this design style, infusing authenticity and warmth to living spaces. Whether it is a rich oak wood or a lighter-toned pine, the natural materials of Scandinavian design blend well with the surrounding environment and create warmth within interiors.

Functional Furniture

Scandinavian design focuses on functionality without conceding the need for style. Furniture of the Scandinavian design persuasion emphasizes practicality and comfort, not just form. It is common to have multifunctional pieces in Scandinavian design, with each piece serving a purpose while also adding effectively to the overall design aesthetic. Whether it’s a Scandinavian chair and ottoman or a Scandinavian style sofa, these pieces offer exceptional function and visually appealing style.

Textiles and Hygge

Scandinavian interior design relates to the use of soft, comfortable textiles and the concept of “hygge,” which in the design aspect refers to creating a sense of coziness and comfort achieved through various design elements, including cushions, rugs, and blankets. These and other elements add a sense of warmth, creating comfortable and inviting spaces in which to relax.

Elements of Nature

Scandinavian design gains some of its inspiration from the natural world outside, often featuring large windows that open to outdoor scenery, artwork that reflects natural scenes, and indoor plants, all of which produce a balance to the interior design environment.

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