What is the Most Popular Stressless Recliner?

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When it comes to comfortable and stylish recliners, Ekornes Stressless recliners set the standard. Designed under the influence of Scandinavian style, these recliners offer exceptional quality construction and outstanding comfort. At International Design Center, we offer a wide array of contemporary Scandinavian furniture, including Ekornes Stressless recliners, among other pieces such as office chairs, tables, and sofas. There are multiple reasons why these recliners are highly popular and easy to arrange in living spaces to enhance comfort and interior décor.

Ekornes Stressless Recliner Materials

The main material used in the design and manufacture of Stressless recliners has been carefully selected fine leather. It is used to give Stressless recliners a beauty and inviting characteristic that produces comfort for the user that lasts for a long time.

Patented Stressless Recliner Systems

The Stressless line of recliners conforms closely to the body and delivers exceptional ergonomic advantages which results im great comfort in both the reclining and sitting positions. These recliners include patented systems, which include the Plus™ System that provides exceptional neck and lumbar support.

The Glide System is the other major patented system found in Stressless recliners, which adjusts to your body and provides you with comfortable support in various sitting configurations. Also, these recliners include a knob that allows you to adjust the sliders and guarantee comfort in various positions. Due to the quality of these Stressless recliner systems, they have received the endorsement of the American Chiropractic Association.

The Look of Stressless Recliners

In addition to the comfortable feel of Stressless recliners, they also provide a timeless appearance that make then a popular option for furniture buyers. You can choose among several different base options with these recliners. Also, the elegant and simple lines of these furniture pieces give them an enduring style that can make them the ongoing focal point of your room’s interior design.

At International Design Center, we are your reliable source for the comfortable Stressless recliners you need for your interior living spaces.

To learn about the contemporary Scandinavian furniture and Stressless recliner options we offer, call us today at 612.341.3441 or email us at showroom@idcmn.com.

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