Why is Scandinavian Design So Popular?

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Scandinavian design has gained many enthusiasts around the world in recent years, including residents of Minnesota who desire to add an understated form of sophistication to their interior decor. This design style has a long-lasting appeal that is due to several important factors, making it a popular option for those seeking the seamless blend of minimalism, timelessness, and practical functionality. As a trusted leader among Scandinavian stores in Minnesota, International Design Center is your source for a wide array of Scandinavian style pieces for the home and office.

The factors that make Scandinavian design so popular include:


A premier emphasis of Scandinavian design is practicality or functionality, which is reflected in the everyday needs of life without deterring from style. Whether it is Scandinavian bedroom furniture or living room furniture, this design style features efficient layouts combined with streamlined furniture pieces that result in an organized, clutter free living space.


Scandinavian design is certainly timeless in nature, surpassing the various fads and trends that come and go in the furniture industry. The enduring appeal of this furniture design focuses on elegance and simplicity, allowing its inclusion in various styles of interior décor, from contemporary to traditional.

Minimalist Form

Scandinavian design reflects the “less is more” approach, facilitating and uncluttered and quiet living or work environment. It features clean lines, a controlled color palette, and a spacious environment that promotes an inviting atmosphere.


The Scandinavian design approach works well in a variety of spaces and interior configurations. It gives homeowners the opportunity to personalize their living spaces while maintaining exceptional functionality and design charm.

Use of Natural Materials

Using materials such as wool, leather, and wood, Scandinavian design features texture and warmth, reflecting the beauty of nature and producing an inviting ambience.

Light, Neutral Colors

That Scandinavian design emphasizes light, neutral tones which produces a certain luminosity and spaciousness within the home. The softer hues utilized with this design style such as whites, muted pastels, and grays and to promote a soothing and calm atmosphere.

Blend of Form and Function

With Scandinavian design, you have the perfect blend of form and function. Each furniture piece as a specific purpose while also exhibiting enduring elegance that optimizes the visual appeal and feel of the space.

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