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Today Alf Group is one of the most important companies in the international furniture market. Brilliantly successful beginnings have led the alf group to make continuous research for quality its mission. New products reflect changes in lifestyles and contemporary trends.

The Alf Group dates back to the 1950s. A group of highly skilled, experienced Italian craftsmen founded a co-op located in Francenigo (Treviso) to mass produce wooden furniture. In just a few years, Alf Italia became an important industry in the woodworking market, propelling the Piovesana brothers to buy the company and invest additional resources. Their efforts quickly yielded results. 

Since the beginning of the 1960s, Alf has been expanding thanks to the success of its skill in the design and manufacture of bedroom furniture. As the market evolved over the years, Alf's farsightedness in meeting customers' requirements quickly allowed the company to expand its production.

Today the group has further increased its market share thanks to specialization in living area furniture, expertise in offering cutting-edge service, and guarantee of timely manufacture and delivery of its products.



Alf Group carefully selects the best materials for its products. Raw material quality determines the high degree of beauty that distinguishes each collection: the choice of the best woods for veneer, the wide range of lacquered colours, and the craftsmanship that creates the current trends.


The Alf Group is committed to each of its products performing over time, guaranteeing maximum quality at all times. Design guarantees the long-lasting solidity of modular systems, bookcases, wardrobes, beds, accessories kitchens and more. Synergy is created between the quality of the raw materials and the highly engineered modular systems.


The operative units of the Alf group are organized to guarantee maximum product quality. The skill and expertise of the cabinetmakers is reflected in the manufacturing process. This is combined with the continuous technological innovation of the production lines.

The sales organization of the alf group makes full benefit of telecommunications, creating a network that gives the end customer the guarantee of reliability and, at the same time, definite delivery times.


Quality of living is a fundamental part of daily life. The Alf Group collections are the result of constant commitment to giving the public the widest selection of products for creating their home dimension.

Alf Group interprets quality based on its woodcraft and the craftsmanship of the Veneto region, renowned internationally as one of the most important furniture making areas in the world. Alf strives to expand its knowledge base and uses cutting-edge technology continuously to reaffirm its position of leadership.

In 1951, when the choice was made to manufacture on an industrial scale, the Alf Group established the objective of uniting quality and reliability with an innovative design approach and unlimited creativity.


All of the products made by the Alf Group are devised and produced in Italy to guarantee conscientious, diligent control of all the phases of production. Parts and raw materials are selected and purchased from top European and international suppliers.

Unbound creativity, conscientious manufacturing, and our specific, innovative technological know-how are what make our products the pride of "made in Italy" these are all basic characteristics for a company continuously facing the needs of an international clientele.


Each design is a high quality product of beauty and function, created to guarantee long-lasting reliability. These characteristics are perfectly balanced with economic value, accessible to all and representative of a winning quality-price-image ratio, especially when compared to other products on the market.

At International Design Center, we offer a broad selection of ALF Italia furniture to help you complete your interior design vision. The ALF Italia brand continuously produces new products that follow contemporary trends and reflect modern lifestyle changes.

ALF Contemporary Furniture

The Alf furniture brand comprises a large selection of high end contemporary Italian furniture. The Alf line includes modern, Italian luxurious furniture collections that are perfect for enhancing home décor. Alf is a premier option when you are looking for the best in quality for your interior living spaces

Alf Italia furniture is characterized by innovation through and through. The production of this furniture brand is focused on satisfying the customer first and foremost, with a concentration on style and targeted designs that guarantee maximum quality and functionality for the user.

Alf Furniture Bedroom Collections

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in any house. We offer a range of bedroom furniture pieces in the Alf Italia brand, including exquisite beds with soft colors and modern designs. These beds provide a tasteful touch to the bedroom, with many manufactured using oak and walnut wood. The Alf bedroom furniture collections we offer make use of optimal materials to maximize reliability and customer satisfaction, helping you achieve your contemporary interior design goals.

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