BDI Furniture

The BDI Furniture line was established on the concept of functionality and accessibility in its design. The furniture pieces available from this brand include home and office furniture that is designed to infuse a higher level of quality into everyday life. High-performing furniture is what you can expect from BDI. Each piece has been developed with innovative features that are friendly to the user. BDI Furniture includes accent furniture, office systems, modular storage systems, and home media consoles with a modern aesthetic flavor and clean lines.

At International Design Center, we are your premier source among BDI furniture dealers for an extensive selection of BDI Entertainment Furniture and Home Office Furniture to enhance the functionality and décor of your interior spaces.

Who Sells BDI Furniture?

Although there are multiple outlets that sell BDI Furniture, at International Design Center, we think our selection offers you an excellent array of options to enhance the office and entertainment spaces in your home, or even to simply upgrade a commercial office space.

BDI Furniture – Aesthetics and Function Combined

When you are looking for the ideal combination of eye-catching and functional, contemporary design, BDI Furniture has both covered. This line of furniture includes beautiful pieces for work or play, including office desks, cabinets, TV stands, and much more. The engineering of these pieces is discreet so as not to divert attention from the distinct aesthetics. For instance, integral features such as adjustable shelves, hidden wheels, flow-through ventilation, and cable management are common in the BDI line.

BDI Furniture Products of Note

The Corridor TV stands from BDI include wood slats and louvered doors and drawer fronts that combine to conceal A/V equipment while allowing easy remote control of standard components and clear reception of speaker sounds. We also offer BDI Corridor office furniture in the form of a BDI furniture desk with a micro-edged glass top. Other BDI furniture of note include BDI end tables, coffee tables, and console tables, among others. The BDI furniture options we offer include numerous contemporary design pieces that are ideal for the home or office.

BDI’s Passion for Design

BDI Furniture has a strong passion for design which permeates everything they do. The company is all about developing furniture pieces that incorporate innovation with beautiful design. This means the furniture is designed with distinct visual appeal while providing the functionality that makes work and play as easy as possible for the user. The employees of BDI come to work each day to find, discover, or enhance another element of the exceptional furniture design the company is known for in the office and home entertainment furniture market.

Functional Design

BDI designs furniture pieces that enhance the quality of life for the user on a daily basis. As furniture with an intelligent design, BDI’s furniture enhances organization, simplicity, and efficiency for the user. It brings a richer experience to living, playing, and working. Incorporating many user-friendly features, the BDI furniture online we offer includes superior-designed cord management systems, hidden wheels, adjustable shelves, flow-through ventilation, and finger-proof glass. These features have been created as a result of BDI’s strong commitment to functional and beautiful design incorporated together into one piece.

Durable Furniture Design

BDI focuses on the details in the production of its furniture line. Their preoccupation with the details extends beyond the functionality and appearance of their products. They also focus on creating furniture that is durable and possesses a long service life. This includes all aspects of the furniture design and the packaging, to help ensure your furniture is delivered in an undamaged, premium condition.

They do not design BDI furniture just for the sake of creating something new. Their design approach is to create pieces with innovation, style, function, and accessibility for everyone.

BDI Home Theater and Office Furniture

The office and home theater furniture we offer includes an array of pieces that incorporate unique, sharp-looking, and functional design. This collection of BDI furniture is designed to cater to the requirements of today’s electronics and maximize the user’s work and theater experience. The various features integrated into these designs make BDI office furniture and home theater system furniture some of the premier furniture you can find having both functional innovation and sleek, stylish design.

The BDI furniture displayed in our showroom and online combines original design and state-of-the-art engineering that provides a seamless integration of technology and functionality into your office or entertainment space. Whether you are looking for office furniture or media furniture, our selection of BDI furniture online offers both beauty and excellent utility. Whether you need shelving, tables, desks, consoles, storage cabinets, modular systems, and more, we have you covered.

Get BDI High-Performance Furniture

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