Bellini Modern Living

Bellini Modern Living furniture designs are original as well as truly unique. The company including Bellini Italian Home utilizes a top design team from around the world to build quality European style home furnishings. Some of the designers include Dominique Fazioli, Christian Mayer, Stanley Jay Freidman, Louis A. Lara and Yoshi Hatano. The prestigious group is responsible for the wide range of affordable contemporary furnishings.

All of the furniture pieces, from the Bellini Modern dining table to the Bellini sofa, are made from quality materials but sell for a fraction of the expected price. The full line of Bellini Modern Living furniture as well as from Bellini Italian Home is extensive. The product line incorporates many different materials and finishes including wood, leather, metal, and glass. You are sure to find modern styling that suits your taste, needs and your lifestyle. Like most good European designs, form is never sacrificed for function. At Bellini Modern Living, they understand that furniture is not made just for good looks, it has to ultimately be functional, affordable, and provide comfort for you and your guests.

Bellini Modern Living is recognized for its collection of innovative and exceptional quality furniture. The brand has a passion for producing furniture pieces that help individuals reflect their style in unique ways. Regardless of whether you are searching for living, dining, or entertainment style furniture for the home, Bellini Modern Living furniture has many great options from which to choose. As a leader among Modern Bellini Living dealers, International Design Center is your source for a wide array of Bellini furniture pieces.

European Style Bellini Modern Furniture

The design goal of Bellini Modern Living is to produce high level quality European style furniture at a small percentage of the price of the same product made by a European manufacturer. To this end, Bellini works with some of the premier designers in America and Europe to create its exclusive furniture collection. Many of the designers Bellini uses from around the world are responsible for the design of the company’s Bellini Italian furniture collection.

The Bellini Modern Living line of furniture, from sofas to tables, is available at a fraction of the price one would expect and includes various materials and finishes such as wood, metal, leather, and glass.

The Bellini Modern Living line of furniture does not sacrifice form for function or comfort. It combines all three to match you needs, tastes, and lifestyle.

Whether you are looking for a Modern Living Bellini coffee table or end table, Modern Living Bellini dining table, Modern Living Bellini bar stools for the kitchen, or other pieces from their collection, we have you covered.

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