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For those with a refined taste, Scandinavian teak furniture is well worth the higher price tag. Minneapolis residents can shop for interior teak furniture at the International Design Center. Offering some of the finest teak design furniture available, this leading retailer has a massive showroom with 50,000 square feet of beautiful furnishings. Come see one of the finest collections of teak furniture for sale in the state.

Why is Teak so Special?

Grown in Thailand, teak is a rare wood and there are strict rules about shipping it out of the country. International Design Center is one of the few suppliers in the United States to sell furniture verified as "True Teak." Customers looking for authentic teak furniture in Minneapolis will run across many ads for teak furniture but not all of them will boast real teak construction.

Once you do a little research, you will realize the value of authentic teak furniture. Although teak furniture costs more than some other alternatives, it offers both elegance and durability to enhance many interior styles. Let's look at some of the unique properties of this uncommon wood:

Where to Find the Best Modern Teak Furniture

At the International Design Center in Minneapolis, we provide a wide selection of Scandinavian teak dining room furniture that adds timeless beauty to your home interior. The dining room is a place to gather for holiday meals and Sunday dinners. With solid teak wood furniture, you can set a beautiful table before you even lay down a single plate or piece of silverware.

Teak Furniture for the Dining Room

Sun cabinet dining chairs made by artisans and hand-sanded for rounded edges enhance any dining room decor. Our unique designs come in regular or armchair styles that you can intermix. For example, if you have a long table, try teak armchairs on the ends with matching regular dining chairs lining the sides. European hardware sets off Sun cabinet products and produces an even more stunning effect for the dining room.

Teak Living Room Furniture

Teak living room furniture immediately sets your living room apart. Teak sofas and chairs create a posh look and exude comfort when dressed with deep cushions. For example, the 4023 Sun Furniture teak chair and matching sofa combine form and function in a rich Scandinavian style. Sturdy cushions let you sink in for a relaxing evening while the leaning backrest provides the support you need to enjoy a movie or conversation with friends. Come to the International Design Center in Minneapolis to see these contemporary designs from an ancient wood source.

Sun Cabinet makes gorgeous teak furniture for the bedroom, living room and dining room. This manufacturer has classic and contemporary collections made by Thai craftsmen using skills handed down through the centuries. We are proud to showcase furniture made by local Craftsman where the wood grows.

If you are looking for coffee tables and side tables to elevate your existing furniture, teak makes a great choice for durability and practicality as well as beauty. The Sun Cabinet 3018 nesting tables are a perfect example of tropical teak wood shaped into tables in a classic Scandinavian design. When you need more room, simply nest the tables together in a corner and bring them back out when you need additional space for beverages or snack trays.

Careful attention goes into every detail of the teak products that we sell. From small, functional tables to clean designs in sofas and chairs, you can equip your entire living room from the spacious showrooms at the International Design Center.

Solid Teak Bedroom Furniture

We understand that your home interior reflects your personal style. One of the great things about teak bedroom furniture is the way it compliments modern, contemporary design. Although teak looks great in any room of your home, teak bedroom furniture with handcrafted beds, dressers and nightstands can provide a restful, peaceful feel in every corner of your sanctuary.

Teak living room furniture such as TV stands, sideboards and sofas can set apart the most social area of your home, but the same rare wood creates quiet opulence where you sleep.

For example, the Sun Furniture queen bed brings soft lines to this series. The bed has a storage headboard and pull out drawers to expand your storage options. Solid teak edging and rounded corners make this timeless piece a great place to hold your dreams for many years to come.

No matter why you prize teakwood above oak or pine, you can find the perfect piece for your living room, dining room or bedroom at our fabulous showroom in Minneapolis.

Unique Properties of Our Teak Furniture

The natural oils and rubber found in teak give it many of its unique qualities. The wood's tight grain locks in oils and rubber. Although all trees contain oils, teak retains its oils after harvesting and processing. The same cannot be said of maple or tea tree wood, for example.

Why does this matter? Its unique properties give teak greater longevity than other wood. Properly aged teak wood is dried until it retains about 10% of its original oil content. The natural oils and rubber make the wood resistant to wear, dry rot and other signs of degradation. These issues are common in other types of wood furniture as it ages. That's why so many people love teak, which also has a natural resistance to parasites and fungi that can breakdown other wood products. These intruders can age wood and cause it to crack over time. However, this is not the case with teak wood.

Other wood products require frequent treatment with oils and stains. Teak wood retains these properties — although staining teak furniture retains the natural color for longer. Untreated teak furniture ages to a light silvery gray.

Teak furniture may cost more than other wood furniture, but it also lasts much longer. Depending on how long you decide to keep your teak furniture, it may pay for itself by serving you faithfully for decades. In fact, objects made from teak have been found in western Indian caves. Some are more than 2,000 years old. Astonishingly, untreated teak products remained intact at these sites. Think about the money that you can save in future furniture replacements! Because of its longevity, quality teak furniture is often passed from generation to generation within families and many pieces often turn into family heirlooms. What also contributes to this longevity is utilization of our Master Cabinetmaker Wood Oil, which is water resistant and protects teak wood from desiccation.

High-Quality Teak Furniture

As with every other commodity, some teak wood is better than others. At the International Design Center in Minneapolis, we partner with providers that use the highest quality teak to craft superb furniture.

Sapwood creates high-quality teak furniture for the dining room, bedroom and living room. It has robust qualities because it comes from the heart of the tree. Sapwood represents the outer layer of a teak tree. The inner layer is called the heart. Because trees grow outward the heart has more natural oils. Therefore, heartwood holds the highest value and costs more than other parts of the tree. High-quality sapwood and heartwood make beautiful furniture well worth the extra cost. Our manufacturing partners use a combination of these sources to create authentic teak furniture that's also affordable.

Are you ready to invest in furniture made from teak heartwood? Due to its low water content, heartwood has extreme durability. You should also consider manufacturers that harvest the wood in a sustainable manner that preserves rare teak for future generations.

Even though you pay a little bit more for teak furniture, over the long haul this low maintenance hardwood pays for itself. There's little you have to do to maintain it. So, you can enjoy it without the hassle of polishing and buffing required by other wood furniture.

From teak dining room tables and chairs for sale at International Design Center to our complete teak bedroom furniture sets, you can find the pieces to complete your home interior to a stunning effect.

History of Teak Wood

Teak has been prized for thousands of years. It grows from the Tectona grandis tree native to tropical regions. The rich and powerful began outfitting their residences with this amazing wood as early as the 7th century. Word spread through the ancient world and migrated westward through Dutch settlers who colonized Indonesia.

The government of Indonesia takes its national treasure quite seriously and has adopted strict rules about shipping teakwood out of the country. Indonesia gained its independence in the mid-20th century and the government has created a corporation to manage its valuable natural resources.

The name of the company is PT Perhutani. It manages teak plantations on Java. The company controls the number of trees harvested each year to ensure it can maintain the population of the trees. Mature trees produce the best teak furniture and it takes 80 years for a teak tree to mature. That's what makes the wood so rare. In fact, craftsmen often repurpose reclaimed wood from old furniture and structures to give the wood new life.

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Come to the International Design Center today to browse through our collections of teak furniture. Inspired by Scandinavian design, our selections include the best teak manufacturers, including Sun Cabinet Furniture. Our knowledgeable furniture specialists can answer your questions on how to care for teak furniture to keep your new furniture beautiful.

We stand behind the craftsmanship of the manufacturers and artisans who make this furniture available to you. Furnishing your home is an act of love and we aim to provide a variety of high-quality teak furniture to meet your aesthetics. Do you need design ideas for the living room, bedroom or dining room in your contemporary or traditional home? We think you'll love what you see among the teak furniture for sale in our Minneapolis store. Shop for wide collection of Modern, Contemporary & Mid Century Teak furniture for the home & office featuring dining chairs & table, end tables, cabinets, night stands, and much more. Call us at (612) 341-3441 or stop by for answers to questions you may have on our beautiful teak furniture.