Founded in 1992, DAN-FORM Denmark designs and produces high quality furniture, including dining & meeting chairs, barstools, armchairs, office chairs, lounge chairs and tables.

We export our designs to more than 50 countries, and our customers are leading design stores, retail chains, architects and renowned hotels, restaurants and bars.

Furniture design from DAN-FORM Denmark is set at a pricepoint that makes the designs available to the wider public through our network of dealers across the world.

Dan-Form's Story

The young and passionate Jørgen Mensen just couldn’t help it. With sparkling enthusiasm, he occupied the basement in his house and in 1992 he created the first bentwood chair. A chair that would turn out to be the first cornerstone of DAN-FORM Denmark. The JACKPOT chair was introduced on the market and since then DAN-FORM Denmark has evolved by adding more designs as well as employees, widening the range to include tables, lounge and bar chairs, and for a period even accessories and lighting.

Seating Comfort

It is fairly simple to design a chair, but making sure you can sit comfortably in it for long dinners or meetings, is an art in itself.

DAN-FORM's chairs and bar & counter stools are always constructed with superb comfort in mind and we take great pride in ensuring a high comfort.

DAN-FORM’s chairs have either a bentwood base or a metal frame base. Some would argue that the bentwood gives a better seating comfort. But we'll leave that for you to decide. Make sure to test the chair before you buy so you know it has the right comfort.

What they do to maintain a high quality

- The production team is highly skilled and well trained. Especially for the hand-sewn stitches on our chairs, they have a dedicated team with many years of experience.
- All products go through a rigid quality control system during and after production, to test strength and quality.
- They only use quality A+B veneers for their bentwood inside and A1 top grade veneer outside.
- All chair shells are Polyurethane lacquered, which is the strongest lacquer available.
- Leather types used in DAN-FORM's production are top grade leather.


DAN-FORM furniture often has that "little something extra" in the form of a design feature, and many of our designs have hand-sewn stitching around the rim or decorative stitching such as baseball stitches in the seat.