Danish Furniture Collection

Danish furniture is so much more than just furniture. It’s a style — minimalist, high-quality, and popular in many parts of the world. Danish-style furniture can add flair to any space despite the lack of extra embellishments.

If you’re looking for Danish-style furniture in Minneapolis, the best place to go is the International Design Center. This leading retailer offers some of the best furniture in the Scandinavian style, a collection you can find if you browse our website.

What Makes Danish Furniture Special?

Before you browse through IDC’s Danish furniture collection, you might want to know more about Danish design and what makes it unique. To tell you one thing about Danish furniture, it’s that it has a minimal, clean look.

By this design, a piece of Danish teak furniture is both beautiful and functional. It also means Danish bedroom furniture showcases simple lines and focuses on light spaces, clean without any clutter.

The Danish design is a beautiful style of furniture that we offer at the International Design Center. Minneapolis customers looking for authentic Danish furniture will find we have plenty of this with features such as:


The most common element of Danish furniture is wood. With wood as its primary material, the furniture showcases a natural look. More importantly, wood is an excellent insulator, so a room with Danish furniture can stay warm.

Light, Muted Colors

The coloring of Danish-style furniture is often light and muted. It has to do with the fact that this furniture style originates from Scandinavia, where winters are dark and long. With light-colored furniture, a room appears brighter and livelier.

Simple Accents and Clean Lines

Since Danish furniture is minimalist, a Danish modern coffee table and other furniture features simple accents. Danish style furniture does not have extra details or anything unnecessary, only the essentials of the furniture.

Open Space

This isn’t a feature of the furniture itself, but instead the way in which a Danish modern dining table or chair is laid out. Danish furniture demands plenty of open space, which is why it isn’t ideal if you don’t have a lot of open areas.

No Carpets

Scandinavian styling has always avoided the use of carpets. With this style of designing and furniture, the preference is to use wooden floors that keep the room naturally warm and cozy. Rugs and sheepskins, on the other hand, complement the furniture.

The Key Is Simplicity

The key feature of Danish-style furniture is simplicity. Every piece of Danish furniture is simple in design, and the entire setup of a room with the furniture is also simple. No matter the furniture, it is arranged in a way that appears clean and clutter-free.

Where To Find the Best Danish Furniture

Where can you find the best Danish furniture in Minneapolis? Here at the International Design Center. With us, you can find a selection of the best Danish-style furniture that can add a unique charm to your home’s interior.

Why Choose Danish Design?

Several principles guide Danish design and one of which is to establish harmony with the environment. The Danish design means to create things that last, which it achieves by complementing its environment. It promotes a simple way of living and a home environment without anything cumbersome that may get in your way.

It is vital for an individual that your home environment encourages you to live well. Seeing how hectic most people’s lifestyles are, a space that promotes warm, bright feelings is essential. With Scandinavian furniture, your living space feels livelier and more welcoming, as it should be.

History of Danish Design

The current form of the Scandinavian design movement arose in the early 20th century. From the 1930s onwards, the movement flourished throughout Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, and Finland.

This design came from the Danish Selskabet for Dekorativ Kunst in 1914 when the Skønvirke magazine was launched. From then on, the title of the magazine became a trend and a new name for a Danish style of arts and crafts. It promoted accessible design and local crafts.

At the time, Skønvirke did not reach international fame, and its popularity wasn’t stellar until well into the 1950s. It happened when in 1951 and 1970, outstanding Scandinavian designers were awarded the prestigious Lunning Prize.

The elements of Danish design also permeate different aspects of our lives besides furniture.

Danish design has been a subject of many debates and marketing agendas since the beginning. Today, it is highly recognized in interior designing, particularly in the use of mid century Danish furniture. In many ways, it is not only a style of designing a room or a piece of furniture but a way of life.

Find Quality Danish Furniture in Minneapolis at the International Design Center

The International Design Center is home to a selection of Danish modern furniture. They are aesthetic, durable pieces of furniture from the best Danish furniture brands in and out of the country.

If you are looking for Danish furniture to create your dream cozy room, we encourage you to visit our shop here in Minneapolis. Our knowledgeable staff is more than happy to assist you in choosing the charming pieces that will complement your home.

For now, you can browse through our website for the different Danish style furniture we have on display. We stand by the quality and craftsmanship of each piece of furniture, so rest assured they will meet your expectations.

Do you need ideas for your dining room, living room, or bedroom? We are sure you will love what you see in our Minneapolis store, especially the Danish-style furniture. Call us at (612) 341-3441 for any questions you may have about Danish furniture.