Global Views

Global Views began in 1977 with a vision to produce a unique collection of home accessories and accent pieces. The founders drew upon their strong retail buy experience as well as their product development and marketing expertise to bring about a line of home accessories that is individualistic, as well as a great value. The collection blends pieces that are elegant, exotic, refined and casual. The company creates items that will work in any decor and will accommodate a wide array of design sensibilities.

Today, Global Views offers over 4,500 items made by skilled artisans from all corners of the globe. The company attracts buyers from over 10,000 retailers, ranging in size from nationally known multi-store chains, the finest of specialty stores, well known national and regional interior designers, all the way down to individually owned businesses. Global Views boasts a unique mix of organic, design-driven accessories, furniture, and textiles, all rich in texture and elemental in composition.