Their Story

Greenington’s president and founder was manufacturing high quality bamboo products for over twenty years before he entered the business of creating his own line of high quality solid bamboo furniture in 2004. Because of his expertise in working with the planet’s most eco-friendly, rapidly renewable resource, Greenington’s fine bamboo furniture has quickly risen to the top of the industry, known for its enduring beauty, style, and quality.

Greenington furniture is designed with both the end user and the environment in mind. The company believes that its success is anchored not just on the beautiful bamboo home furniture it builds, but on Greenington’s unwavering commitment to a sustainable and eco-friendly solution. Every piece of Greenington furniture is crafted with utmost care and attention to detail. The company believes that its wide array of bamboo furniture options represents its passion for excellent work and regard for the environment. 

Their Mission

To provide customers with only the finest in bamboo home furniture. They strive to ensure that their products represent quality, style and elegance; that’s why they use only the best materials, work with only the best craftsmen and provide the best service.


At Greenington, they harvest one of Earth's fastest-growing plants straight from bamboo forests in China to design naturally beautiful furniture in a process that is environmentally friendly and helps sustain our planet. And bamboo is one of the best plants on Earth to sequester carbon. It releases approximately 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees.

No Waste

Greenington fine bamboo furniture is crafted with zero waste. Generally, since bamboo is biodegradable and recyclable, it would be very difficult to find bamboo products in landfills, even at the end of their product life. When bamboo is harvested — by hand usually — farmers do not have to replant it because its root system remains intact underground — and will later produce new bamboo crops that are ready for harvest once again. Greenington also ensures that the process of bamboo harvesting and furniture production is in line with the company’s green policy.

Each bamboo culm used in the production of Greenington products is individually selected by the local farmer and harvested by hand. This preserves the ecosystem of the native bamboo forest, and leaves the bamboo root system intact, from which new bamboo shoots will emerge and grow the following year. Greenington does not use clear cutting, a timber harvesting method that involves the removal of standing trees in a given area, commonly used in the wood lumber industry. As such, Greenington utilizes the entire bamboo culm in the manufacturing process, wasting nothing. 100% of the bamboo material is used, including the sawdust, which is put to use generating steam for the dry kiln room and press machine.

Strength and Durability


Greenington furniture is manufactured using only mature Moso bamboo, ensuring maximum strength and durability for their products. 

Moso bamboo reaches its final length of 20 meters within months. It matures in five years. During this time, it develops hardwood-like qualities. It easily clears tropical timber which takes over half a century to mature. The Moso bamboo’s hardness and strength make for the ideal furniture because of these qualities. This means you can place heavy ornaments on a Greenington desk and expect the furniture to hold up just fine.

For homeowners, interior designers, and anyone who wants to know where to buy Greenington furniture — please know that a wide selection of Greenington bamboo home office furniture is available on this website. Feel free to browse the beautiful bamboo furniture designs available and see which of these sustainable and durable pieces of furniture fit your home.