Kuka Home researches, develops and produces living room and bedroom appliances for the purpose of providing a healthy, comfortable and eco-friendly environment. At present, products from Kuka Home have been sold to 120 countries and regions. Kuka Home owns more than 4,500 brand stores, which provides high-quality products and services to millions of families around the world.
In China, Kuka Home owns five production bases in Xiasha, Jiangdong, Jiaxing, Hebei and Hubei, each annually producing millions of pieces. The Xiasha plant occupies an area of 130,000 ㎡ with a monthly production of 3,000 containers, which is the biggest sofa production base in Asia.
Kuka Home cooperates with more than ten design teams from Italy, America, Germany, the United Kingdom and France, containing more than 100 furniture designers, color experts, interior product designers, interior decoration designers, and engineers. Kuka also keeps a cooperative relationship with famous institutions and organizations like the China Academy of Art and the Polytechnic University of Milan.


Kuka Home understands the culture of the living room, dining room, and bedroom, and they therefore can melt cultural elements into product research and design, as well as create home products in a globalized, fashionable, and leisurely styles. The company imports the most advanced international production equipment and technology, and gathers a top group of technicians with fine hand-making skills to create the products. Besides the world-renowned native Chinese designers, Kuka Home's international research and development center also has world-famous foreign designers from Italy, Germany, France and Japan, and there are over one hundred new styles that are launched the market every year from Kuka Home.