Lafer is a traditional furniture company based out of Brazil. With over 90 years of experience in creation, production, and export of high-end pieces, Lafer is known for its great comfort, elegance and ergonomics.

Specialized in artisan pieces such as reclining armchairs, sofas for home theaters, and sofa-beds, Lafer has been creating innovative, efficient and easy-to-use systems for more than 20 years, as well as developing contemporary design products.

The rigorous quality control of production guarantees first-rate furniture with materials of the highest quality and perfect performance, ensuring a long-lasting product. The careful attention paid to the furniture guarantees that the customer is completely satisfied.

The Versatility Of The Lafer Recliner Line

Made in Brazil, the Lafer line of recliners provides a modern and sophisticated take on a very practical item of furniture. Each Lafer recliner is carefully designed for beauty as well as functionality, a hallmark of the contemporary lines offered by the company.

At International Design Center, we offer several different Lafer recliner styles. These are ideal chairs for a contemporary living room, den, bedroom, or office. Unlike the traditional recliners, these models have a smaller footprint and are sleek and stylish rather than bulky and overwhelming.

The Lafer Carrie Recliner

For a modern and upscale look, the leather Lafer Carrie recliner is the perfect option. This recliner features a round base and a fun style that offers four different positions, including upright, fully retracted, and a low and medium position. This is all controlled with a hidden footrest for each positioning. The backrest and headrest can be independently positioned for comfort.

The Lafer Demi Recliner

The Lafer Demi recliner offers rounded armrests, a steel tube base, and a fully retractable footrest. This is a recliner that offers comfort, positioning options, and independent position of the backrest and headrest for perfect relaxation.

Lafer Elis Recliner

The Lafer Elis recliner comes with a wood veneer or brushed aluminum swivel base. This recliner does not have a footrest extension, which makes it an ideal option for an office, den area, or even for a games room.

Lafer Recliners

Lafer recliners all have hidden, self storing footrests that come out with the push of a lever. The self storing ottoman saves space and makes a cleaner more contemporary look. Like all Lafer furniture, it is designed with a headrest that can be moved into the ideal position for your comfort.