Luonto Furniture Collection

If you are looking for the best quality furniture in the USA, Luonto is a brand we recommend you try. Luonto furniture is a brand widely known in the industry for its high-quality products made through sustainable manufacturing.

Minneapolis customers concerned about furniture manufacturing methods recognize Luonto as one of the best brands. On that note, the International Design Center is the ideal place to find original Luonto furniture.

What Makes Luonto Furniture Unique?

If you are unfamiliar with Luonto, let us tell you that it is a family-owned and operated company. Go ahead and read Luonto furniture reviews, and you will know they’ve stayed true to creating high-quality, custom-built furniture.

You can easily find the value in Luonto furniture just from the fact it has sustained the value of its products since it was founded in 1964. From sleeper sofas to coffee tables, each Luonto furniture piece showcases unique qualities, such as:

Scandinavian Modern Design

Scandinavian design is widely popular in the furniture scene for its beautiful, minimalist traits. Luonto loveseats and other furniture also showcase these traits — light and muted colors, simple accents, clean lines, and open space.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Every piece of Luonto furniture is made through sustainable practices. The brand produces beautiful and durable coffee tables, sofa beds, and other living room furniture using eco-friendly manufacturing.

Custom-Built & Individually Handcrafted

Luonto furniture is tailor-made, designed to fit the needs of every customer. More importantly, each of them is handcrafted by craftsmen with years of experience. It’s why most of our Luonto sleeper sofa reviews say that the furniture is like a work of art.

Clean & Strong Framework

Every Luonto sleeper sofa and other living room furniture has frames cut with pinpoint accuracy and assembled by hand. Thanks to the highest-grade raw materials, the framework of Luonto furniture is strong, durable, and made to last.

Foam Glued Cushions

A Luonto sleeper sofa has solid foam cores covered with Dacron. This creates a comfortable layer between the sofa’s foam and upholstery, glued to ensure the materials won’t separate or cause lumping.

Perfect Stitching

The artisans who create the Luonto furniture you can find at the International Design Center have a keen attention to detail. This also applies to the stitching of the sofa, whether to show design stitching details or prevent fraying.

Upholstery Cut by Hand

Luonto knows that technology cannot replicate the quality produced by skilled artisans. For that reason, every Scandinavian sofa bed made by the brand has superior patterned upholsteries and grain leathers cut by their artisans’ hands.

Precisely Fitted Upholstery

Luonto furniture slowly becomes recognizable thanks to the upholstery. Each and every sofa bed is perfectly crafted. The brand does this with help of a team of upholsterers that precisely ensure the upholstery fits the furniture.

Why Choose Luonto Furniture?

There are many reasons to want to have Luonto furniture in your living room. The brand itself is a luxury, with a long history of producing high-quality Scandinavian furniture. It means you can trust their products to last a lifetime.

More than that, it is the fact that they use a sustainable manufacturing process that makes them stand out. Not many brands stay true to their beliefs in being eco-friendly.

If you want quality, great design, and eco-friendly products, we are proud to bring you the best Luonto furniture. If you browse through our website, you’ll find that the Luonto sleeper sofa’s price and that of other furniture is quite reasonable.

The Story Behind Luonto Furniture

The Luonto brand was established by Pentti Viitala in 1964. He created Luonto intending to provide customers with high-quality furniture at reasonable prices. More than that, he wanted the furniture to be made sustainably.

For over 50 years, sustainability has remained the foundation of the company. Quality is at the center of the brand, from the raw materials to the design of every piece of Luonto furniture they send out.

Luonto is still a family-owned and operated brand to this day, the key that allowed them to maintain the standards of their products. We at the International Design Center are proud to be the one place where you can find authentic Luonto furniture.

Find the Best Luonto Furniture at the International Design Center

You can find a good selection of Luonto furniture at the International Design Center. We have a variety of living area furniture from this brand, such as loveseats and sofa beds. With Luonto, you can be at peace knowing that you are using eco-friendly furniture.

Luonto Nico Queen Sleeper

The Luonto Nico Queen Sleeper is a queen-size sleeper sofa with Luonto’s classic conservative look. It features thin track arms and a low profile, transforming your living room into a beautiful, minimalist, contemporary space.

Luonto furniture comes in various bed mechanisms, which you can choose depending on your intended use of the sleeper. The upholstery material is either fabric or leather, allowing you to pick the one most comfortable for you.

Also available in this collection:

Luonto Monika Sleeper

Luonto’s Monika collection features sofa beds, chairs, and loveseats with track arms and plush cushions in contemporary design. Besides the Scandinavian design perfect for minimalist décor, it has a new, patented sleeper system.

Each Luonto Monika sleeper comes with a foam mattress over the solid wood platform. This means that the sofa bed or chair does not have bars or springs in them, allowing you to enjoy ultimate comfort and a good night’s sleep.

Also available in this collection:

Luonto Flipper Sofa

The Luonto Flipper Sofa is the perfect sofa for your living room. It is the ideal lounge area whether you hang out with your family or work on your laptop. It’s a stylish, durable, and functional sofa you can use for anything you need.

Also available in this collection:

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