Luonto Sofa Sleeper

The Functional Comfort Of A Luonto Sleeper Sofa

When style and comfort are important for your living room furniture, and you are also looking for extra room for occasional guests, a Luonto sleeper sofa is the perfect solution.

Luonto offers a fantastic selection of true sleeper sofas that are designed to provide an exceptional night's sleep while also offering the beauty, sleek designs, and the attention to detail expected with Scandinavian furniture.

The Luonto sofa sleeper models come in a variety of different styles, options, and colors. There are two and three-seat sofas and the practical and stylish Halti sleeper sectional. Some of our most popular sellers at International Design Center are the Uni sleeper sofa, the Nico King Size sleeper, the Paris, and the Free Full LX sleeper sofa.

Ease of Operation

The Luonto furniture sleeper sofa design is exceptional, with easy extension and retraction of the sleeper unit. Depending on the model, this can be a pull-out or a push back mechanism to create the sleeping surface. One person can easily manage the entire process in just seconds.

While the style and design of the Luonto sleeper sofa models are often the most important consideration for our customers, it is important to note these sofas, manufactured in Finland, are also designed from environmentally-friendly materials. The company is committed to using natural and recycled materials in its furniture.

The Luonto sleeper sofa price is competitive with other quality sleeper sofas on the market. International Design Center can also custom order colors in leather and fabric to suit your décor.