Quality Made in Italy

MaxDivani hand-crafted sofas are completely made in Italy.

MaxDivani is like its sofas. It has a solid body made up of its decades of experience, a flexible core that allows it to move between tradition and innovation and an elegant dress woven on a tight interweave of precision and design.


Our most important goal is to be able to combine our history and our passion for high quality craftsmanship with contemporary style and design, while ensuring the highest levels of comfort.


An entire collection designed for your comfort both at home and in the office. The perfect meeting point between the best tradition Made in Italy and the continuous evolution of technological innovation and research on materials.


Leather and fabric sofas

MaxDivani Sofa Upholstery – Our craftsmen select and sew by hand the finest materials to produce exclusive Italian sofas.

About MaxDivani:

Leader in the production of handcrafted sofas

MaxDivani has designed and created 100% Italian sofas for over 60 years. Our heritage shows the refined care we put into our handcrafted sofas.


A race which arrives right to the finish line of excellence.  The Made in Italy sofas by Maxdivani are the result of a passionate passing of the baton between designers, engineers, carpenters, blacksmiths and upholsterers.  Each person plays a significant role, putting all their creative and operational potential into the company to create a product which has been thoroughly tested to be durable and comfortable, enjoyable and defined, following the tradition but gazing towards the future.

MaxDivani Furniture: Timeless Italian Craftmanship

At International Design Center (IDC), we are excited to showcase our exceptional collection of MaxDivani furniture that reflects the fine art of Italian craftsmanship and timeless design. Over a period of more than six decades, MaxDivani has fine-tuned the art of creating sofas, armchairs, recliners, loveseats, and sectionals that seamlessly incorporate contemporary elements with traditional charm, delivering unmatched sophistication and comfort in living spaces.


the Artistry of MaxDivani Furniture

We offer a handpicked selection of MaxDivani furniture pieces that portray the perfect union of traditional and modern aesthetics. From the Caleb Armchair's simplistic, yet contemporary design to the Evan Sofa's blend of contemporary and classic elements, each MaxDivani piece demonstrates the brand's dedication to providing exquisite craftsmanship and superior quality. Whether it's the elegance of the Amos Loveseat or the durability of the Callas Reclining Sectional, every MaxDivani creation we offer is carefully crafted to enhance the environment of your home or office.

Infuse Your Living Space with IDC’s Expertise

At IDC, we are proud to offer the biggest selection of furniture in Minneapolis. You can count on our team of experienced furniture experts to help you find the perfect Max Divani furniture pieces that match your style and budget. At our Edina showroom, you can experience in person how these furniture pieces can enhance the beauty and functionality of your living spaces. We also offer seamless delivery and assembly services to help you experience with greater convenience the benefit of having MaxDivani furniture in your home.

Whether it’s a MaxDivani leather sofa, Max Divani fabric sofa, Max Divani sectional, or an armchair or loveseat from our MaxDivani collection, look no further than IDC for your furniture needs.

Explore Our MaxDivani Collection

Experience the enduring elegance and sophistication of MaxDivani Furniture at International Design Center. Shop our online selection, visit our showroom in Edina, MN, or call us today at 612.341.3441. You may also send an email to