Scandinavian Dining Tables

The Beauty Of A Scandinavian Design Dining Table

For those who love the look of natural wood and clean, precise lines, a Scandinavian design dining table is the ideal choice. At International Design Center, we offer a range of different designs in Scandinavian design dining room tables for use in a formal dining room as well as for an everyday table.

What to Expect From a Scandinavian Dining Table

One of the distinctive elements of any Scandinavian style dining table is the focus on the minimalist design while maximizing the beauty of the wood. As a result, most of the manufacturers of the dining tables we offer provide multiple wood and finish options. These can range from a light beach, oak, or teak color to a darker walnut or wenge.

While functional, a modern Scandinavian dining table can also be a statement piece for the room. Different designs include metal bases, glass tops, and unique features and styling that make them the focus on the room.

Tips for Selecting the Ideal Table

While a Scandinavian dining room table is often rectangular in shape, it can also be oval and round. Choosing a shape based on the size of the room and the lines you wish to accentuate in the space is always an important choice.

Choosing a Scandinavian round dining table is recommended for a smaller area, while a larger rectangular Scandinavian dining table set is a striking piece for a larger kitchen or formal dining room area. We also offer a range of tables with extensions, giving you the opportunity to size the table based on the number of guests.