4 of the Best Recliners for Maximum Comfort

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If you are looking for comfort and style in a recliner, you can hardly beat Ekornes Stressless recliners. They are designed and manufactured with Scandinavian influence and style for exceptional comfort and quality. Another outstanding option in recliners are the IMG recliners. Below we offer you four of the best recliners selected from the Stressless and IMG recliner lines you can purchase for optimum comfort. At International Design Center, we are your source for an array of Scandinavian furniture options, including comfortable recliners.

  1. Stressless Mayfair Recliner
  2. The Mayfair recliner from the Stressline of recliners and chairs has been designed with a flowing curvature of its cushioned arms and includes an easy-to-use reclining system along with lumbar and neck support to maximize relaxation and comfort. The Stressless Mayfair is made to accommodate all types of body sizes and shapes – it is provided in small, medium, and large sizes to meet the functional and comfort needs of various individuals. This popular recliner includes graceful 360° rotation for full room viewing. The impeccable design of the Stressless Mayfair along with the extraordinary comfort it provides, makes this recliner ideal for a nap, watching TV, or reading.

  3. Stressless Max Power
  4. The Stressless Max Power represents the quality of the Stressless line of recliners very well. Its design includes a motor for footrest extension and reclining. Through the touch of a button, this recliner gently reclines and extends the footrest to reach your optimum comfortable position. As you lean back into this recliner, your lower back is supported, your neck is cradled, and your hips rest comfortably.

  5. Stressless Sunrise
  6. The Sunrise recliner in the Stressless line includes the patented Plus-system that ensures you have complete lumbar and back support in every position. The ottoman with this recliner glides as your legs angle.

  7. IMG RM325 Divani Power Recliner
  8. When it comes to IMG recliners, the IMG RM325 Divani Power Recliner provides a spaced efficient design with excellent quality and comfort. This recliner allows you to recline, glide, swivel, and adjust the headrest. It also includes a footrest. Its state-of-the-art design ensures proper body support, comfort, and durability. You can customize your comfort with this IMG Divani power recliner by using touch power controls to adjust the back and ottoman. The recliner includes an adjustable headrest for height and for the angle of the head while resting in the chair.

For information about these and other recliners we offer, including Scandinavian and Danish recliners, give us a call today at 612.341.3441 or send an email to showroom@idcmn.com.

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