What is the Difference Between Mid-Century Modern Furniture and Mid-Century Danish Furniture?

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The title of this article is actually part of a trick question as many designers actually refer to both of these furniture styles as Danish mid-century modern furniture. That is right, both mid-century modern furniture and danish furniture can be exactly the same thing.

So, what exactly is it? What kind of furniture does it include? Let's take a look!


Whilst many furniture creators around the same time as the original mid-century Danish furniture designers were trying to make everything more intricate and complex, the Danish took another route that was simplistic, beautiful, and left space for enjoyment without overdoing it.

Focusing on clear and clean lines, this style began to take off in the late 1920s and has remained an enjoyable feature of modern minimalism within interior decor until today.

Art within Furniture

The concept of this style of furniture progressed much like the art world of its time. As paintings grew more detailed, some realized that there was beauty within simplicity. That you could extract peace, relaxation, and pleasure from the smooth craftsmanship of a contemporary piece.

As such, Danish furniture turned itself from simple practical pieces into gorgeous pieces of art that you could live around and use within the home. This multipurpose art became a way of designing your home with futuristic elegance.

Even the museum of modern art in New York has taken pieces of this fantastic design for its collections to display.

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