How to Choose Office Furniture

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Whether you are looking to open an office or upgrade your existing office furniture, choosing the ideal collection of furniture for an office space requires some consideration and planning. At International Design Center, we are your source for numerous options when it comes to modern office furniture.

The minimum furniture requirements for even a basic office of small to moderate size will often include one or two desks, office chairs to match, and adequate storage space. Larger offices may need additional meeting tables, more desks, and other pieces, including office shelves.

Consider the following factors when choosing office furniture:


Staying committed to purchasing the highest quality furniture you can afford for your office space is important. Buying inexpensive may sound like a good idea, but it may also leave you disappointed when the furniture starts to have problems too soon. Quality furniture is also important for making a good impression on business partners and/or customers. Make sure the furniture is manufactured with quality materials and by a reputable office furniture manufacturer through International Design Center.

Measure Your Office Space

It is essential to measure your office space before rushing out to purchase modern office furniture or buying online. The failure to measure the space in advance of ordering furniture can result in furniture that doesn’t fit the space or crowds the space too much. Some furniture may not even fit through the doorway. Take measurements first and carefully lay out where every piece is going to be placed.


Choosing office furniture with functionality in mind is important. For instance, if you need to store many files in your office, you may want a desk with drawers in addition to other storage units. Also, choose tables and desks that provide the amount of surface space you and any employees need to comfortably do their work.

Pick the Right Chair

Choose office chairs that are ideal for the weight and height of those who will sit in them and that also complement the office furniture and interior design of the office space. You also want to choose chairs with the right height or height range in relationship to the desks to which they are matched. Chairs should also be comfortable and ergonomic if possible, especially those which will be used for many hours per workday.

Storage Space in Your Office

Storage space beyond the space in a desk is often necessary. This can come in the form of filing cabinets, office shelves, bookcases, side tables, and more.

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