Luonto Furniture Sofa Beds and Sleepers

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Based in the country of Finland, Luonto Furniture is a brand that manufactures handmade furniture. The various pieces it offers include exceptional quality sofas, chairs, sectionals, sleepers, and reasonably priced living and dining room amenities. At International Design Center, we offer an extensive array of Luonto sofa beds that provide exceptional comfort and enhanced décor.

Luonto, with its focus on chairs, sofas, dining and living room pieces, and sectionals, maintains its specialty focus on producing exceptional quality sleepers. The brands have designed some of the most advanced hybrid pieces, including recliners, bunk sofa beds, and reclining pull-out beds. The company’s commitment to quality is evidenced in the materials it uses and the production process it employs.

Cot Size Chair Sleepers

These single person sleepers include a cot-size bed inserted into a single person chair. We offer an array of these comfy cot size chairs, including the Casey, Ethos, Nico, Elfin, Monika, and Fantasy models.

Unique Sleeper Sofas

Luonto Furniture manufactures basic sleeper sofas in various sizes, including king, queen, full, and twin. The Scandinavian Sofa Bed also include various operating mechanisms for the consumer to choose from, including a flip-over apparatus that exposes a full mattress or a slide-out mechanism that creates more bed space by combining the sofa cushioning with the additional mattress.

The Elevate Bunk Bed Sofa Sleeper

One of Luonto’s most unique offerings is The Elevate Bunk Bed Sofa Sleeper. Utilizing innovative technology, this bunk bed sofa enables the safe and easy transition from a seated position to a resting position in very few steps. The Elevate includes straps to secure the bedding of the piece in addition to a zipped compartment to keep the pillows secure when the unit is in the bunk bed position.

Sectional Sleepers

We offer an array of Luonto sleeper sectionals, including the Monika, Nico, Halti, Flipper, Paris, Halti Full XL, Hampton Queen, Delta Full XL, Pint Full XL, and Noah Full XL. These sectional sleepers provide lots of rest space plus additional storage space under the seating for added functionality.

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