The Best Sleeper Sofas to Maximize Your Living Space

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Sleeper sofas are very functional pieces of furniture. Their compact design makes them perfect for smaller spaces, but also appropriate for larger spaces. They are ideal for spare bedrooms and bedrooms in small apartments. At International Design Center, we offer sleeper sofa options from the Luonto line that can help you maximize your living space. These sleeper sofas are both stylish and highly functional, and will improve the visual appeal of any living space while providing users with a relaxing nap when needed or a comfortable night of sleep.

Luonto Sleeper Sofas

Traditional, standard size beds can take up too much space for certain rooms, particularly in smaller apartments and small bedrooms in residential homes. In this case, a sleeper sofa is the answer. These sofas can maximize your space and enhance your décor at the same time. They are perfect for efficiency or studio apartments. You can quickly switch back and forth between a bed and a sofa as needed.

At International Design Center, our selection of Luonto sleeper sofas is extensive, enabling you to consider and compare an array options to satisfy your space requirements, personal taste, and your budget. The sleeper sofas we offer in the Luonto line include various sizes and styles, including sectional sleeper sofas. Every Luonto sleeper sofa is constructed by professional craftsmen to help ensure its durability.

Whether you are looking for a Full, King, or Queen Sleeper, there are sectionals, Bunk Bed, sofas, loveseats and Cot Chairs that have Luonto sleeper options. Our Luonto sleeper sofa selection gives you a wide range of options to accommodate your style and your space.

The extensive selection of Luonto sofa sleepers we offer provide you with an array of comfortable options that can upgrade your home’s interior décor and enable hours of supreme comfort for you, your loved ones, and friends.

Our team at International Design Center is here to help you find the ideal sleeper sofa for your living space.

To learn more about the Scandinavian style sofa options we offer at International Design Center, call us today at 612.324.0315 or leave us a message by email at

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