What are the Different Types of Recliners?

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At International Design Center, we are your source for a wide array of recliners that provide exceptional comfort, including the line of Stressless recliners we carry that provide timeless design and superior relaxation. Our recliner selection also includes pieces from brands such as IMG, Hjort Knudsen, Luonto and Natuzzi.

When it comes to Danish recliners, IMG recliners, and other Scandinavian style recliners, we have you covered.

Ekornes Stressless Recliners

Whether you are seeking a traditional rocker or ergonomic recliner, we have a variety of options from which to choose. If you are focused on pieces with a contemporary, sleek design and construction, Ekornes Stressless is an optimal choice.

The various electric powered recliners we offer utilize the simple push of a button to adjust the recliner’s position. Many of these recliners from the Stressless line come with the patented Glide system that operates with ease simply from the movement of your body to provide exceptional comfort. Many recliners we offer include an Ottoman available in various designs, materials, and colors.

With the combination of a recliner and an ottoman, you can enjoy optimum ergonomic comfort, put up your legs, and tilt back for long periods of relaxation. The ottoman can also be used as alternate seating or even a convenient table when needed.

These recliners are so comfortable in large part because of the ample padding provided around the cushioned seats, headrests, and armrests. High quality upholstery is used for both the recliners and ottomans in the Stressless line.

Other Brand Recliners

The Hjort Knudsen 7901 recliner offers a modern design with ergonomic and stylish features wrapped into one. It reflects luxury and sophistication.

With simple, sleek, modern design, the Natuzzi B537 push-back recliner is ideal for many types of seating arrangements. No pulls or levers are used on the comfortable chair, ensuring its design and style are unobstructed.

When it comes to sleek and comfortable, the IMG Space 5400 recliner fits the bill. It keeps you relaxed with an adjustable headrest and ergo tilt technology.

The Luonto Track recliner is a luxurious and modern recliner that provides comfortable seating with a built-in ottoman and tall back headrest. Situated on the side of the recliner are motor controls to adjust the back of the recliner and the ottoman for customized comfort. It is also available as a manual recliner.

For more information about the various comfortable recliners, we offer at International Design Center, including Danish recliners, IMG recliners, and Stressless recliners, give us a call today at 612-341-3441 or leave us email at showroom@idcmn.com.

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