What is Contemporary Furniture? Characteristics of Contemporary Furniture

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Contemporary furniture is furniture that reflects the trends and styles of the current popular themes within interior design. This is opposed to a more traditional or classic design style. Contemporary style can also borrow from other design eras and styles. At International Design Center, we offer an extensive selection of contemporary furniture that is the perfect match for many home and office interior spaces.

Natural Materials

Various material and texture comprise contemporary furniture pieces. These include fabrics and natural woods. An entertainment center in a contemporary style is often low, long, and sleek. Upholstered furniture in a contemporary style may be white, black, brown, gray, or other neutral colors and tones. Other examples of contemporary furniture materials involve metallic, extremely thin light fixtures designed for style and functionality. Low-slung or platform beds are also contemporary design features for bedroom furniture.

Square-Edged Couches and Chairs

Chairs and couches made in the contemporary furniture style often have square-edges elevated above the floor with metal, thin-angled tube legs with no trappings added, providing a clear view under the pieces. These pieces often have a bold rectangular shape in neutral or dark colors made with lightly textured fabric or leather.

Clean, Simple Lines

The contemporary-styled furniture of today combines modern designs for a comfortable piece having clean and simple lines featuring its appearance. A minimalist appeal is one of the chief characteristics of contemporary homes. The furniture in this genre has a modest appearance, featuring an airy, light, and visually appealing look. Some of the pieces that can reflect this style include dressers, credenzas, and entertainment centers. The design features include smooth lines and surfaces in natural dark or neutral woods or glossy black.

Modern Colors

Contemporary furniture often features various shades of black and white, along with neutrals. Within this style, colors are sometimes added in a minimalist, light way. However, many of the contemporary-styled color schemes are relatively bland to help ensure a quiet, yet crisp and clean appearance.

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