BDI Furniture Can Help You Create Successful Collaborative Workspaces

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When done correctly, a business can enhance communication, productivity, creativity, innovation, decision-making speed, and more through the implementation of collaborative workspaces. The BDI furniture we offer at International Design Center can be used to create highly functional workspaces in which employees collaborate effectively. Some of the ways in which BDI furniture can help you create successful collaborative workspaces include the following:

 Create Multi-Functional Spaces

Collaboration works well within spaces designed for multiple uses. These spaces can include media rooms, sections within libraries, eat-in-kitchens, and the like. These spaces provide collaborators flexibility in the way they can connect, brainstorm, and perform research with coworkers. BDI furniture placed in close spaces can be the perfect setting for ideas, inspiration, and getting things done. These spaces may include various forms of technology or basic white boards to help convey ideas among individuals and the group.

 Consider Technology When Selecting and Arranging BDI Furniture

BDI furniture that can accommodate integrated cable-management systems can help maintain an uncluttered look and keep work areas available for continual, unobstructed use. Collaboration is much easier with furniture that allows workers to plug in laptops in front of pre-stationed monitors, giving them the freedom and space to conduct business in various locations within a larger work area.

 Create Numerous Small Spaces

Creating workspaces that allow different types of interactions is an advantage possible through the use of BDI Furniture. Examples include movable laptop tables, standing desks, and large tables designed specifically for collaboration among a large group. Some workers need privacy at times, which they can have at other locations within a carefully designed collaborative workspace. Small spaces with furniture for small meetings along with bigger conference rooms with other BDI furniture, when added to a floor or section of a building, can increase the possibilities for collaboration.

 There are various ways to arrange BDI furniture in workspaces to maximize collaborative possibilities. Receiving input from employees about what type of furniture and arrangements enable them to function most productively along with the needs of management can help produce a satisfactory solution.

 For information about the BDI furniture we offer at International Design Center that can help you create or improve your collaborative spaces, call us today at 612.341.3441, view our furniture options online, or come to our showroom in Edina, MN.

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