What You Should Know about Luonto Sleeper Sofas

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Sleeper sofas are not only visually appealing, but also highly functional pieces of furniture. They feature a compact design that is ideal for both small and large spaces. These sofas, such as the Luonto sleeper sofa, are particularly ideal to have when hosting guests at your home overnight.

Where to Buy Luonto Furniture

The place to buy your next piece of Luonto furniture is at the International Design Center. Check out our current Luonto furniture sale online to find great options for your home. The sleeper sofas we offer from Luonto are stylish and functional. They serve as superb furniture options to enhance your décor and provide a comfortable place for an afternoon nap or a full night of sleep.

An Efficient and Comfortable Sleeping Option

Sleeper sofas manufactured by Luonto are ideal for small apartments, such as an efficiency or studio apartment. They maximize your space by serving as both a standard sofa and a bed as needed. However, you can also place a sleeper sofa in larger areas, such as in a living room as a place where guests can sleep overnight.

Our Selection of Luonto Sleeper Sofa Options

We offer an array of options when it comes to Luonto sleeper sofas. Our selection includes sleeper sofas, in addition to loveseat sleepers and sleeper sectionals. Our sleeper sofas and related pieces come in a variety of sizes and styles. With a Luonto sleeper sofa, you are getting a quality piece of furniture built by professional craftsmen in Finland for a long service life.

The Luonto sleeper sofas we currently offer in our online inventory include:

Monika King Sleeper Sofa

As a highly popular sleeper sofa, the Monika King features a modern, sleek design, requiring only one simple maneuver to transform it into a mattress. It includes materials and mechanisms that deliver exceptional comfort for both seating and sleeping. This is not your traditional spring mattress sleeper sofa.

Free Full XL Sofa Sleeper

This Luonto sofa features a practical and elegant design. Its uniqueness is demonstrated by the straight profile of each edge combined with the slight curvature of the arms. The sofa includes ample rest space. It is also highly functional with the Flip feature, enabling a quick transition between the seated and resting positions.

Elevate Bunk Bed Sofa Sleeper

As a sofa sleeper that operates with modern technology for maximum practicality, the Elevate bunk bed sofa sleeper enables an easy transition between the seated and resting positions, while preserving safety for the user. This Luonto sleeper sofa features straps to maintain its bedding in addition to a zipper compartment to hold the Elevate pillows in the bunk position.

Nico King Sofa Sleeper

As one of the best-selling Luonto sleeper models, the Nico King sofa sleeper features track arms with a smooth structure, making it truly unique. It also includes a transitional design to conserve living space and possesses more than enough resting space.

Flipper Full XL Sofa Sleeper

As one of Luonto’s most practical, yet bold sleeper sofa designs, the Flipper Full XL sleeper sofa consists of a durable structure with each leg option that gives the sofa sleeper additional height and thus uniqueness. This sleeper sofa has sufficient storage space underneath the seating, enhancing its practicality.

Paris King Sleeper Sofa

The soft luxurious pillows of the Paris King sleeper sofa will snugly hold your body as you slip into its smooth design. Blending well with its surroundings, this Luonto sleeper sofa features ratchet headrests and Luonto’s Nest Function that gives it dual motion capability for optimum comfort.

Hampton King Sleeper Sofa

This sleeper sofa features moderate track arms and available chaise that allows for storage. It also has a dual motion function. Simply lift the front seat panel and walk backward from the sofa. After the sofa opens, complete the motion by flipping down the padded backrest.

Uni Sleeper Sofa

This Luonto sleeper sofa features a contemporary, classic appearance. It provides optimum comfort to the user, whether as a couch or bed. It includes various bed mechanisms that are appropriate for various levels of usage.

Along with the above-mentioned sleeper sofas, our collection also includes sectional sleepers and loveseat sleepers that provide superb comfort and functionality.

Key Benefits of Luonto Furniture Sleeper Sofas

Our selection of Luonto sofa sleepers make the transition from sofa to bed and bed back to sofa easy and fast. In addition, these sofa sleepers feature optimum comfort for everyday sitting and sleeping at night.

If you request delivery of a sleeper sofa inside of our standard Minnesota delivery areas, we will take care of all the assembly and setup for you, along with the trash removal.

To learn more about the various Luonto sleeper sofa options we offer as part of our current Luonto furniture sale, call us today at 612.341.3441 or send us an email at showroom@idcmn.com.

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