6 Ways to Add Mid-Century Modern Style to Your Living Room

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The popularity of Mid-Century modern interior design has made a comeback. There are several ways to incorporate this design style into your living spaces. At International Design Center, we offer Mid-Century Modern Danish furniture that is ideal for enhancing the décor of your living room.

Transform the look and appeal of your living room with these Mid-Century design style additions:

1. Mid-Century Modern Furniture

The foundation of any Mid-Century modern interior design is Mid-Century modern furniture. This furniture genre is timeless, classic, and trendy all in one. With Mid-Century modern, you have a minimalist design with clean lines. You also can expect pieces with curved edges, tapered legs, and a variety of textures. Other pieces in this style will feature graphic patterns and bold colors. You can always create a unique look by matching and mixing different pieces from the palette of Mid-Century Danish furniture and Mid-Century teak furniture in your living room space.

2. Lighting

Stylish and functional lighting is a characteristic of the Mid-Century modern style. This type of lighting, whether in the form of a chandelier, sconces, pendant lights, or a floor lamp can provide the perfect ambience in the room to enlighten the space.

3. Plants and Other Natural Materials

You can use elements of Mid-Century interior design to bring life to a room. One way to do this is to add plants which are visually appealing and provide a pleasant ambience to the room. In addition you can add natural materials such as stone and wood to produce an inviting and warm space.

4. Artwork

Enhance the character of your living spaces by adding some artwork to the walls. Choose pieces with bold colors and organic textures which reflect Mid-Century modern design. These pieces can complement well the Mid-Century Danish furniture you may have already have in the room.

5. Textiles

Textiles such as curtains, rugs, and pillows can enhance the style of your space, giving it a more rustic feel. One option is to add a rug with a warm, earthy tone to complement your Mid-Century modern décor to anchor your living room space.

Why not add a few pillows with interesting patterns and bright colors? You can also add curtains having a textured fabric such as cotton or linen to soften the space somewhat and promote a cozy atmosphere.

6. Colors and Patterns

For the walls, add neutral color with either a textured wall paint technique or wallpaper added for texture. You can produce a distinct visual impression with the use of bold patterns and colors in the room in certain areas.

To learn about the Mid-Century Modern Danish furniture and teak furniture we offer at International Design Center, or to find a dealer, or ask about pricing, call our team today at 612.341.3441 or send an email to showroom@idcmn.com.

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