Why Buy A Luonto Sleeper Sofa?

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The Luonto line of sofas offers a modern, sophisticated style of furniture that is the perfect addition to a contemporary style in a home. The Luonto sleeper sofa is a revolution in dual-purpose sofas, offering beautiful seating and design combined with a comfortable, quality mattress for an exceptional night's rest.

Different Options

It is important to keep in mind that the Luonto sleeper sofa is available in several different styles. The Flipper is a unique style in that this two-seat sleeper sofa allows you to fold out a single or a double bed, providing the optimal sleeping configuration.

The Uni sleeper is unique in that the front of the sofa pulls out on the back folds down, taking just seconds to convert from a sofa to a bed and back again. Sleek and stylish, this is the perfect sleeper sofa for any home or space.

The Paris Queen offers the same two-seat bed option as the Flipper, but with the nest function. This nest function allows you to extend and return the bed with just five simple steps. Comfortable and luxurious, this is always a popular option.

The Halti Sofa is a very practical and beautiful choice. This sleeper sofa offers a rachet neck rest for height adjustment, and easy pull out to a full-sized bed and an additional storage box for your convenience.

An Investment in Quality

The Luonto sleeper sofa is an affordable, practical, and quality addition to any living room. These modern sleeper sofas are an exceptional way to add a handmade piece of furniture to your home.

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