Koncept Splitty Pro Gen 2 LED Desk Lamp

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Koncept Splitty Pro Gen 2

Drawing inspiration from the graceful and shape-shifting nature of water droplets, the Splitty line embodies fluid motion and remarkable flexibility. The LED head, designed in a curved, droplet shape, pays homage to its muse. Each model within the line can be effortlessly posed in countless ways, making it one of the most adaptable lighting options available. The broad LED head emits a uniform glow, illuminating any surface with ease.

Designers Kenneth and Edmund Ng have masterfully engineered a diffused light source, cleverly concealing the LEDs. This ingenious design ensures that the lamp not only serves as a radiant ambient light but also functions effectively as a practical task light. The dynamic Splitty line includes the Splitty Desk Lamp, Splitty Pro Desk Lamp, Splitty Floor Lamp, and Splitty Reach Desk Lamp, providing a range of choices to suit various lighting needs and preferences.


- Matte black

- Silver


- 500 lumens/light

- Over 60,000 hours lifespan

- Tunable light color 2700 K to 5000 K

- Continuous dimming

- 10' cord

- 90+ CRI

Environmental considerations:

- Fully recyclable aluminum

- Water-based paint

- LEDs do not contain mercury

- Low power consumption

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