Clearance! 2022 Linnea 11 x 14" Poster Calendar Artwork From Johanna Riley

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The 2022 Linnea Poster Calendar With Art By: Johanna Riley

Twelve 11x14" posters to hang on the wall... One for each month... Art for each month!

Pair your 2022 Linnea Poster Calendar with the 2022 Linnea Desktop Calendar.

JANUARY: Cool winter nights bring out the furry to frolic in the moonlight on the crust of the snow.

FEBRUARY: Hearts and other symbols of love can be left for others to find in the most unique places with unusual things.

MARCH: Dreaming of a tropical vacation with exotic fish? Spring makes me dream of sun soaked beaches in foreign locales.

APRIL: A sweet scented spring posy is a wonderful gift to oneself. Flowers remind me the world can be a beautiful place and is a promise of better things to come.

MAY: A culinary quiver of assorted utensils in a sentimental flea market find makes for great shapes and silhouettes.

JUNE: A sarcastic seagull steals a snack by the seashore.

JULY: A fourth of July parade booms under the cracking fireworks in a small town in the middle of America!

AUGUST: The magnificence of this french wirework urn, holding a cache of lemons, looks monumental and majestic.

SEPTEMBER: Smørrebrød! The ultimate open-face sandwich for school lunches or for a special meal. Top them with anything you want – from traditional herring to contemporary meats and vegetables.

OCTOBER: This is the jar of rejected Halloween candy. Nobody wants circus peanuts or candy corn. Except Linnea, who loved candy corn.

NOVEMBER: Enhance the holidays with a molded gelatin desserts! A cranberry mold dresses up a festive Thanksgiving table. Wiggly, wobbly fun.

DECEMBER: An homage to Linnea Riley’s penguins with gifts image. She will forever be missed and loved. A close to the season echoes the close to a talented life. We will all see her in beauty everywhere.

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