2024 Linnea 5 x 7" Desktop Calendar Artwork From Johanna Riley

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The 2023 Linnea Desktop Calendar

The 5X7″ Desktop version of the Linnea Poster Calendar lends big impact to small spaces, whether it’s in your apartment or on your desk.

Pair your 2024 Linnea Desktop Calendar with the 2024 Linnea Poster Calendar.

Or Get the 2024 Linnea Poster and Desktop Calendar Package (Click Here)

JANUARY: Noodles for good luck in the New Year! Toshikoshi Soba. Depending on where you go in Japan, the noodles are long symbolizing a long life. So by eating the noodles, it represents your wish for a continued long life in the next year as well.

FEBRUARY: Inseparable companions. Lovebirds snuggle on a shared branch.

MARCH: I love the graphic nature of a shopping basket. Part of the fun of travel is going into new markets and seeing all the wonderful and strange things they have!

APRIL: April showers create delight for all the senses.

MAY: Lovely weather for a bicycle ride through the Cotswolds in England. Hedgerows teeming with life in the spring and summer.

JUNE: The netting that holds a bag of oranges is so wonderfully graphic and mesmerizing. Orange you glad you're reading these page notes?

JULY: Spacious skies, amber waves of grain, and purple mountains majesty. America the beautiful indeed! Happy Independence Day!

AUGUST: As summer draws to a dreamy end, double espresso shots give us a jumpstart. Espresso should be "Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love." - Charles Maurice de Talleyrand.

SEPTEMBER: International Crab Fest Day, a delicious September 14 holiday! Crab in the fall is a wonderful treat! The primary season for all crab species is late September to January, when they are often at their largest and populations are highest after spawning.

OCTOBER: Camping and telling spooky ghost stories around the fire makes for a great October.

NOVEMBER: Amarylis make for wonderful indoor blooms this time of year. My favorites are the white ones. Ahhhhh, that beautiful, floral bouquet!.

DECEMBER: December is for honoring traditions new and old. Linnea created this image in 1993 and it's one of my favorites so I thought we'd put it here for another spin around the sun.

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