Ekornes Stressless E40 Loveseat

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The Stressless E40 is the latest sofa from Stressless featuring the ErgoAdapt system. ErgoAdapt puts your body into the perfect position by allowing the sofa cushion to tilt down automatically the moment you take a seat.  For those who desire best of contemporary Scandinavian design made to last, the simple lines and classic proportions make the E40 a great choice. 
If you prefer to lie down on your sofa, Ergo Adapt has the intelligence to automatically elevate the cushions to a flat position, placing your body in the ideal lying position. 
  • The ErgoAdapt™ system tilts the seat for the perfect sitting position
  • 10-year warranty on the internal mechanism
  • Designed and made in Norway
We guarantee the internal mechanism for 10 years, because Stressless chairs are built to last. The chairs have a luxurious design and feel, covered with genuine top-grain leather.  Matching sofa in stock as well!
Stressless E40 2-Seater
Specifications: Width: 633/4 , Height: 32 , Depth: 39 , Seat Height : 173/4

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