Ekornes Stressless Sky Plush Queen Mattress

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Ekorness Sky Plush Queen Mattress

Designed with one ultimate goal in mind - to enhance your sleep, the Stressless® Sky mattress offers exceptional comfort.

Thanks to its innovative AdaptiveZones™ pocket springs and NordicSoft™ foam, the Stressless® Sky mattress easily adapts to your individual needs. Every layer of the mattress is thoughtfully calibrated to deliver optimum sleep comfort and quality, regardless of your body shape or comfort preferences. The base mattress is constructed with high-quality individual springs, providing excellent support to cradle your hips and shoulders. Moreover, the Cloud and Plush layers are exclusively crafted in Norway, adding even more comfort and support.

The side panel cover, made from a wool blend, is naturally fire-resistant without any chemical treatments. This cover ensures breathability, strength, and warmth without causing overheating. The natural properties of wool prevent bacteria growth and make it self-cleaning. Additionally, leather handles on the sides ensure convenient transportation.


1. Cloud Layer: The Cloud layer comprises a sanitary and remarkably flexible knitted fabric, boasting exceptional ventilation attributes. This elasticity in the material enhances the plushness of the NordicSoft™ foam, allowing it to conform effortlessly to the body's contours, resulting in an immediately comfortable sleep surface.

2. Plush Layer: The Plush layer presents an optional choice for individuals seeking an indulgent and deeply embracing sleep experience. This sensation is achieved by adding a generous layer of our breathable NordicSoft™ foam, which enhances the feeling of weightlessness and provides instant comfort.

3. Support Layer: The support layer incorporates top-notch pocket springs featuring AdaptiveZones™ technology. With five zones, this mattress offers outstanding support for aligning the spine while also providing a gentle embrace to your shoulders and hips. The spring unit is enveloped in a layer of our proprietary elastic and supportive foam, specially developed in-house.

- Soft embracing comfort

- Cloud layer 3" NordicSoft

- Plush layer 4" NordicSoft

- Support layer 8" pocket springs

- 5 AdaptiveZones

- Mattress height: 15"

Specifications: width - 59 3/4 in, length - 79 in, height - 16 1/4 in

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