Skovby SM 101 Dining Table

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The Skovby SM101 multipurpose dining table clearly demonstrates Skovby's commitment to design with function. This is a great table for someone who is limited with space, but wants a true dining table. It can fold away when not being used. What highlights this dining table is its reversible middle leaf. One side displays a metal finish (ideal for hot dishes) and the other has its natural wood color. The finishing touch to this table is its storage within. A drawer pulls out from underneath and has a spacious storage compartment. The Skovby SM 101 dining table seats 3-6 people. 

Specifications: 16 (table sides down) - 43 - 70"L x 31.5"W x 29"H

Special Orders Available In All Skovby Woods

Made In Denmark

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In the quest for a multifunction dining table that combines design and functionality, the Skovby SM101 Dining Table stands as a true marvel.

Crafted by the renowned Danish company Skovby, this table offers a space-saving solution without compromising on style or practicality. With its unique features and exceptional design, the SM101 Dining Table is an ideal choice for those seeking a multi-functional piece of furniture.

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