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Skovby SM 236


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This new Skovby coffee table gives you an astonishing amount of flexibility.  You can elevate the table to exactly the height you want and even transform it into a dining table! Simply press the small switch under the tabletop and the battery-powered electric system elevates the table to the just height you want, - in one sliding movement. It is not necessary to remove things from your table before elevating it.

The pure elliptical shape completed by a base plate in brushed steel gives the table a simple and elegant expression that will never be unfashionable. The function of the Skovby #236 coffee  table is controlled by an electric motor powered by a heavy-duty, long-life, rechargeable battery.

Specifications: 53" L x 30.3"W x 19.3-28"H

Special Orders Available In All Skovby Woods


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