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International Design Center combines visual appeal with exceptional quality through our contemporary teak furniture for sale and other concepts furniture. At our showroom in Minneapolis, we offer one of the largest arrays of furniture pieces in the state.

Our Selection of Quality Teak Furniture for Sale

At International Design Center, our selection of exceptional quality teak wood furniture is extensive. Some of the pieces we offer in teak wood include end tables, coffee tables, nightstands, beds, dressers, gent’s chest, console tables, room divider, dining tables, display cabinets, sideboards, counter tables, corner tables, computer tables, TV stands, armchairs, and more!

Teak Wood and Its Benefits

Teak is a hard wood which is durable and strong. It is able to endure extreme cold and hot temperatures. As such it is highly suitable for outdoor use and indoor as well. The grain and color of teak wood make it appealing to homeowners. When this furniture is left to the outdoor elements, it becomes a stylish silver-grey color. However, teak furniture for sale from us, that is used indoors should be oiled to preserve its beautiful golden color.

The degree of sun exposure and the type of environment determines how long the furniture takes to weather. Dirt and surfaces stains may be removed with a periodic wash with a soft nylon brush and soapy water. You can clean teak wood back to its golden color regardless of how old it is. There are also a variety of teak care and improvement products, including sealers and finishers to help you achieve the furniture appearance you want.

Due to its natural characteristics such as its warm color, strength, durability, resistance to termites and other harmful elements make it a wood that is very adaptable and flexible.

Teak wood stays at its own temperature, enabling it to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This is an advantage over the reaction of other materials like metal that becomes icy cold in the winter and very hot to the touch in the summer.

Stop by our showroom today! Or, if you have any question about our lines of quality teak furniture for sale in Minneapolis, give us a call today at 612.324.0315 or send an email to showroom@idcmn.com.

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